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Four Flexible Jobs Perfect For Students

Molly Raby August 5, 2022

Working while at university is a must for some students. Whether they need the money for school books, living away from home, or just some extra disposable money for those nights out, many students get part-time work.

As well as money, these part-time jobs give students transferable skills that employers will be looking for once students have gratuated.

Flexible jobs are best for students, as they need to be able to work around their educational schedule and allow time for them to study and enjoy university life as well. If you are looking for some flexible jobs, here are four of the best.


Tutoring is one of the most popular and flexible student jobs. You can get into this through an agency or by advertising yourself, meaning that you can set your own pricing.

Tutoring allows you to schedule sessions that best suit you. You can also now do sessions over Zoom, so you don’t even have to leave your room.

Due to the academic nature of tutoring, it may also give you an edge over your peers as you have shown how educationally driven and proactive you can be.

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Freelance Writing

Every single website, company and business needs content creation, and freelance writing is the perfect role for such companies.

From niches like fly fishing or Australian farming, all the way to pop culture stories and film reviews, people are always looking for new voices to join their team.

There are agencies that can find you work, or you can set yourself up as a freelance writer and apply for work yourself. Due to the vast amount of topics you can write about, this is the perfect job for anyone with a laptop and a strong voice.

You can also set your own times to write and work around your class schedule.


If you like being around children, then babysitting is easy money. Most babysitting jobs are in the evenings and weekends, which usually works well for students.

Many employers also look at babysitting as a good job as it shows you are trustworthy, responsible and dependable.

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Dog Walking

Many dog owners don’t really mind what time their dog gets walked, as long as they do. This means that you can usually do the job at whatever time best suits you.

Dog walking can be done through an agency or you can advertise yourself on social media or through word-of-mouth at your local dog park.

Being a student can mean sitting in one room for long periods of time, so getting outside and doing some exercise is a positive benefit of this part-time job.

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