Increase In Scottish Students Taking Renewable University Courses
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70 Per Cent Increase In Scottish Students Taking Renewable University Courses

Jasmyne Jeffery March 7, 2023

A new report has found that Scottish students studying a renewable energy-orientated course have grown 70 per cent in four years. The two surveys looked at 33 colleges and universities in Scotland and proves an increased appeal in eco-friendly futures.

Two surveys taken four years apart by Scottish Renewables have found more and more students are taking eco-friendly-orientated courses. Linked to the findings is that demand has increased in the country for jobs in the renewable energy sector.

More Scottish Students Are Taking Renewable University Courses

The first survey issued by Scottish Renewables in 2019 found that 13,000 students in Scotland were enrolled on ‘renewable’ courses. This included courses in engineering, science and maths as well as more specifically eco-friendly degrees.

Clearly, more and more young people are taking an interest in the environment and a green future. The repeat survey in 2023 found 70 per cent more students were enrolled in these courses. This increased by 9,000 taking the total number to 22,000 currently.

Not only does this show that this is the industry to be in, with climate change pledges coming thick and fast from big companies, but also that the younger generation is being proactive about the change. Not only are they making small life amendments like recycling or maybe public transport, but actually dedicating their career to it.

Photo by Andreas Gücklhorn on Unsplash

Increase In Demand For ‘Green Jobs’ In Scotland

There are a lot of reasons why a job in the renewable energy sector is appealing. Firstly, it’s a vastly widening sector that offers rewarding work. Secondly, fighting climate change requires passion, and passion for a job usually means putting your all in into it and getting results. Lastly, they typically pay pretty well too.

Skills Development Scotland finds that there are 100,000 new and emerging ‘green’ jobs in Scotland alone. 22,000 doesn’t take up a large percentage of that number, which proves it is an area with job wealth and expected high interest.

Largely, this is because of Scotland’s pledge to become net zero, driving proactive pushing towards the goal.

However, unfortunately, the gender balance within these roles doesn’t match their efforts to be green. The report finds men occupy three-quarters of green jobs. This is because men dominate areas such as engineering and science. For all of this to have an overwhelmingly positive outcome, the bias needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

There’s no doubt that this sector is innovative. It shouldn’t stop at just being innovatively green, but in other areas such as gender bias too. If renewable courses and jobs are the future, then we should be striving for accurate gender representation and pay in the workplace.

It should just be energy that is sustainable, but gender equality too.

Whilst more renewable university courses is a step in the right direction, there is clearly work to be done.

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