A Guide To Visiting Belgrade
Pobednik Kalemegdan, Beograd, Srbija
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A Guide To Visiting Belgrade

Vicky Wilson July 29, 2022

Packed with rich history, intricate architecture, sunny weather and of course cheap pints, Eastern European cities are becoming increasingly popular holiday destinations. Whilst Prague and Budapest have flooded with tourists, Belgrade the capital of Serbia remains strikingly authentic. From the city beach island Ada Ciganlija to historical tours round the fortress to floating nightclubs with live music, Belgrade is bursting with culture.

Historical Tours

The daily free walking tours around different areas of Belgrade are a captivating introduction to the turbulent history of Yugoslavia. On our tour we visited Zemun; here the panoramic views and contrast between decorative churches , modern influence and Soviet style buildings was striking. If you are travelling solo these tours are a great place to connect with other adventurers from across the world. A visit to Belgrade fortress, a beautiful historic site dotted with quaint souvenir shops and parkland is essential.

Photo by Ljubomir Žarković on Unsplash


Whilst some of the smaller museums do not have English translations, the National Museum of Serbia and the Yugoslavia Museum are accessible and very cheap to enter especially as a student. The National Museum boasts an array of artwork and sculptures including pieces by Monet and Picasso. Meanwhile the exhibits showcase how architecture and culture in Serbia has changed with the geopolitics of the area. Though the Yugoslavia museum is essentially a museum centred around Josep Broz Tito,  and his burial site, rather than an exhibition on Yugoslavian political history, it is worth a visit.

Nightlife & Relaxation

Alive with performances from local artists and boat party nightclubs, evenings in Belgrade are unique and energetic. Be aware that many places need a reservation however (or they will tell you you do if you don’t dress the part anyway). We visited Little Bay, an extravagant opera themed restaurant with ornate booths and exquisite piano music. Belgrade’s many parks are ideal for relaxing in during the hotter parts of the day.

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