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How To Have The Most Wholesome Weekend As A University House

Cicely McFarlane November 23, 2022

Having a wholesome weekend as a university house can be a simple and effective way to end the year in style.

As the end of term approaches, you might find yourself a little more strapped for cash or overdoing it at clubs and bars. This means you might be seeking a new activity to do with your house mates and friends.

Below are some of the best and most wholesome activities that you can do in winter with your university house.

This is so you can make some fun, cheap, and long-lasting memories to take with you after university life ends.

Have a read and see if any of these take your fancy to do over the next few weeks.

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A day of wholesome fun

Here is a day planned from start to finish that can give you a wholesome day as a university house.


Start by cooking a big house breakfast. This will be really cheap if you split beans, hash Browns, sausages, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes and anything else that you see fit for a full English breakfast.

Not only will this be fun cooking together; it will fill you up for most of the day, so you don’t you don’t need to keep spending money on food stops.

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Head out for the day

Whether this be visiting a winter market and starting to get some of your Christmas shopping done or going on a more activity adventure like a beach, even in the cold winter air.

Getting out of the house can be a great way to get things done. Even deciding on doing Secret Santa, heading into town, and buying all the provisions you need for a cosy Christmas evening of present opening, will be a fun activity for all.

Your evening

Moving on to the evening, either having a big takeaway all shared together, or once again cooking a meal as a house, can be an enjoyable way to spend your night.

You could even cook Christmas dinner all together and exchange your Secret Santa gifts. This could be followed by one of your all-time favourite Christmas films, a classic such as Harry Potter, or a games night depending on what takes your fancy.

This means you have created your own little pre-Christmas Day with your university house, as many people won’t get the chance to see each other over the holidays due to perhaps living further away than you would like.

This is a great idea to be able to invest time into a specific day all together. As Christmas creeps closer the amount of free time people have definitely does start to dwindle.

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