All The Wordle Spin-Offs You Can Play
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All The Wordle Spin-Offs You Can Play

Molly Raby August 10, 2022

Wordle took off towards the end of 2021 and had everyone and their grandma trying to guess a word in less than six gos. It had us all wrapped around its little finger. 

On the back of Wordle’s global success, many other games of a similar title have been springing up.

So, if you love Wordle, maybe you should add some of these games to your morning routine as well.


This is the music version of Wordle. You first hear the opening second of a song. If you cannot guess it, you then hear two seconds. You can gradually hear more and more of the song, cutting off at sixteen seconds.

The genres range from pop punk to country, indie classics to soul. Any and all songs are up for the choosing.

You get a maximum of six guesses.

There is a new song every 24 hours and you can share your progress with friends and family.

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Worldle tests your geography skills. You have to guess a country from its outline.

Once you guess a country, you are told which direction to move on the map from that country towards the mystery country.

For example, if the mystery country is Thailand and you guess China, you will be indicated to go North.

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This is similar to Globe, which gets you to guess a country in relation to its location on the globe.

If the country you guess is far away from the mystery country, then it will turn pale yellow. The closer you guess to the mystery country, the darker red that country will turn.

For example, if the mystery country is France and you guess Germany, then Germany will be a deep, dark red. Indicating that you are very close.

You get unlimited guesses on Globe.


Flagdle gives you a flag and you have to guess which country it is from.

You get a maximum of six guesses to get the answer.

Once you guess a country, you are given a percentage of similarity to the mystery countrys flag.

For example, if the mystery flag is from Italy and you guess France, you will get a 66.6% similarity.

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Additional spin offs

Actorle – Guess the actor

Archiguesser – Guess the architecture

Framed – Guess the film

Brdl – Guess the bird

Hardle – Harder Wordle

VGM Heardle – Video game music theme

Nerdle – Wordle but with maths

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