Apps You Need to Download Before Term Starts
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Apps You Need to Download Before Term Starts

Caitlin Hart August 30, 2022

Sometimes at university your phone can be one of the most useful tools. It can help you get organised, find your way or even take notes. If you want to be completely organised and ready for the term to start, you need to get these four apps.

University App

If your university has its own app, it is definitely an essential. Their functions vary but most will display at least your timetable and a university map; both of which are great to have at the click of a button. Some university apps will have a whole range of extra features, from showing you how busy study spaces are to allowing you to explore the university’s online library. Your university’s own app is always a useful tool. Particularly if it’s your first year.

Circuit Laundry

If you are moving into halls, you will most likely have Circuit Laundry washing machines and dryers. Before you roll your eyes, we know you’ve heard the horror stories of the dripping wet clothes and expensive washes. But, really, you don’t have any other choice (unless you fancy hand washing everything you own in the sink).

Getting the Circuit Laundry app will make life a little bit easier when navigating your laundry. It allows you to upload money to your Circuit account and pay for your washing via your phone. It also allows you to report any problems you have with the service so, when your clothes get locked in the machine, help will be just a click of a button away.

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Microsoft Word

While you probably aren’t going to be doing your assessments or taking notes on your phone most of the time, having Word installed is perfect for emergencies. Get to a lecture and forgotten to charge your laptop? Or realised that your assessment is due tonight and you’re on the train back home? Word on your phone is perfect for taking things down on the go. Log into your university account and you will be able to access the notes you made on your phone on your laptop too.


Less of an essential but definitely a good app to have. Piccolo is a drinking game app that is perfect to pull out at pres. Just enter all of your players names and Piccolo will do the rest. Expect truth or dares and drink downing. It’s perfect for a group that you don’t know very well or when everyone is a little too sober.

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