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Are We Getting More Snow? Rumours Of A Beast From The East 2023

Jasmyne Jeffery January 25, 2023

Although we wished for a white Christmas, it appears that snow may be forecasted yet. It’s not yet confirmed by the Met Office but others believe we may be in for a beast from the east 2023. Though it can be a bit disruptive, plenty of us will be asking if we are getting more snow and hoping the answer is yes.

It gets to about this time of year and the UK is a buzz with rumours of snow. We had little bits of it towards the end of 2022 and even whispers of a white Christmas. Alas, neither were the huge amounts of snow that put the entire country to a standstill for a few days. Cast your minds back to 2018 when we had the beast from the East, beginning towards the end of February. Now, some weather experts believe we could be in for a 2023 edition.

Are We Getting More Snow?

Snow is not expected to return this week. However, there are snow forecasts predicted from February 7, bringing up to 2 inches per hour in some areas.

WX Charts show seven days of consecutive snowfall in the UK at the beginning of February. Beginning in Scotland, (as it always does), the snow will then head in a south-easterly direction before spreading to Europe.

The snow forecast can’t give an accurate amount of how much snowfall there will be. However, areas of dark purple on the map indicate at least 2 inches.

It might not be the whole of the UK experiencing snowfall in the coming weeks. Other areas are expected to have heavy rain. However, snow is definitely predicted by the charts in the UK for the beginning of February.

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The Beast From The East 2023

Whenever there is any discussion of a snow forecast, there is always a discussion of the beast from the East.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Jim Dale from British Weather Service says that the incoming snow could turn into a beast from the East 2023:

“This is more from the north – the polar front diving towards the Mediterranean but it could easily switch to the Beast later – we need to wait and watch.”

The direction of snowfall means that Northern areas of the UK are at the most risk of disruption.

Brian Gaze from The Weather Outlook added that it’s too early to accurately predict. However, February is known for its cold temperatures.

“It’s a long way off in weather terms but the period around Valentine’s Day has in the past often brought the UK some of its coldest and most wintry spells of weather.”

Snow fans will have to wait and see if we will get another beast from the East. Though they can look forward to some snowfall in the coming weeks. If you were thinking of any holidays or cross-country trips, it may be wise to keep an eye on the snow forecast. You’ll either be crossing your fingers for snow or hoping that it doesn’t stick!

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