Best Autumn Hair and Fashion Trends For Students
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Best Autumn Hair and Fashion Trends For Students

Cicely McFarlane November 11, 2022

As autumn and winter start to dominate this time of year there are certain trends that many will get on board with or keep an eye out for. But what are the best autumn fashion trends for students?

These trends are represented through certain fashion items or how people have their hair, to compliment the cold winter evenings and falling leaves.

Finding these looks and trends, and recognising them as they become increasingly popular, is one of my favourite things to track.

It’s fun to see what trends you wish to try yourself or which ones you wouldn’t be seen dead in.

Below are some of the most popular autumn-winter trends currently this year.

Have a read and see if you get inspired to have your hair a certain way, or purchase some of the most in-demand items, as 2022 draws to a close.

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Copper Hair

People speculate where this copper hair trend has come from. Personally, I remember that the first person noticeably with more orange-toned/copper hair was Kendall Jenner.

She kept this look under wraps before a catwalk debut. Other celebrities that have jumped on board with this copper hair trend include Gigi Hadid and Zendaya.

This dark orange with red undertones encompasses the transition from autumn to winter extremely well.

Other celebrities, such as Julianne Moore, have also debuted their copper hair, which only inspires more people to join this trend. This perfectly matches the mood of the season and gives an expensive and glamorous look. This is an autumn hair fashion trend for students that is easily replicated.

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70s Bangs

Further hair trends which have swept across social media this season include 70s hair bangs. This involves having long layers cupping around your face. This gives lots of volumes as well as depth and definition.

This results in extremely easy half-up half-down styles, which complement any hair colour or face shape extremely well.

Having a whispey fringe as well as long layers throughout your whole hair can be seen in celebrities such as Lily Collins.

If you are easily influenced by hair trends, then feasting your eyes on this new look will be hard to say no to.

The Wider the leg

In fashion, autumn and winter always seemed to bring oversized coats and jumpers. This has been the case for years. However, in 2022 large trousers seem much more current.

Specifically, oversized wide-leg cargo trousers can be complemented with any top or jumper you see fit.

These are trousers that can be worn all year round. However, matching your cargos with a white knit or one of your favourite autumnal jumpers creates a cosy, oversized, yet extremely fashionable look.

Layer Up

Although layering isa useful tool to keep warmer in this cold weather, most of the layering seen currently is due to being on trend.

Wearing a long sleeve with a crop Gillet, jacket or cardigan can ensure this layering look is a great and complimentary choice.

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