Best Drinking Games For Pres
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Best Drinking Games For Pres

Caitlin Hart August 29, 2022

Drinking games are a staple of pre drinks at university. It breaks the ice with new flat mates and gets everyone in the party mode. Here are some of the best games that will always go down well at university.

Ring of Fire

A game that most students will have played a million times is Ring of Fire. It is a classic because even after a few drinks it is so simple to play. Create a circle with a pack of cards facing down and place an empty glass in the centre. Take it in turns to pull cards and follow the instructions.

Ace – Waterfall, everyone must begin drinking and can only stop when the player who pulled the card stops.

Two – You, you must choose somebody to drink.

Three – Me, you must drink.

Four – Whores, all the girls in the room have to drink.

Five – Thumb Master, you can place your thumb discreetly on the table at any time after pulling this card. Other players will also put their thumb down as they notice. The last player to notice has to drink.

Six – Dicks, all the boys in the room have to drink.

Seven – Heaven, the same rule as thumb master but instead of putting your thumb down you point to the sky.

Eight – Mate, pick somebody to drink with you every time you have to drink.

Nine – Rhyme, the player who picks this card says a word, the circle must take it in turns to say a rhyming word. The first person unable to think of a word drinks.

Ten – Categories, the same rule as nine but instead of rhyming words you pick words in a category such as types of car.

Jack – Make a rule, make a new rule that everyone has to follow, if somebody is caught not following they have to drink.

Queen – Question Master, if you ask somebody a question and they answer, that person has to drink.

King – Cup, the first three people to draw kings must pour some of their drink into the centre cup. The person to draw the final king has to finish the drink.

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Less of a game and more of a challenge, Centurion is sure to get you drunk without you realising. To play Centurion all you have to do is take a shot of beer every minute for 100 minutes. It is the equivalent of four and a half pints in under two hours. It might not sound difficult, but you will be surprised how tricky it gets towards the 70th minute.


Deal a pack of cards out evenly amongst the group and do not look at them. The person to the left of the dealer turns over the first card, followed by the person to the left of them If the cards match in suit, both players must drink for the number of seconds as the displayed on their card. For example if one person had the three of diamonds and the person next to them had the five of diamonds, one player drinks for three seconds and the other for five.

The next player then pulls a card, if the card is the same suit again then all three players must drink for the time on their cards. If the cards do not match, the next person turns their card. Sure to get you all a bit tipsy, especially if you’re stuck with matching king cards.

Never Have I Ever

A freshers week classic to ensure you get to know everybody a little too well. Take it turns saying “Never have I ever” followed by something you have never done. Anyone that has done it has to drink. You can make the game as tame or risky as you’d like and definitely discover some new things about the group.

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