Best Fresher Events To Go To In Cardiff
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Best Fresher Events To Go To In Cardiff

Cicely McFarlane August 29, 2022

If you are a fresher or returning student at Cardiff University, then you definitely won’t be disappointed with the huge number of events and club nights that are being held during fresher’s week.

This year fresher’s week starts on 25 September. So, make sure you rest up before then so you can enjoy all that Cardiff has to offer.

One question freshers always face is whether or not to buy the all-inclusive wristband which can ensure you get tickets to certain events.

Every second-year and above probably would say the same advice I would, which is not to bother.

Many events will have tickets nearer the time, and also you can see what friends, or your new housemates, will want to do.

However, as a fresher myself, for peace of mind I did end up buying one just so I could have as many options of what to do as possible.

Below are three must go to events.

What’s on in Cardiff this Year?

The UV Neon Rave: This event is a staple for Cardiff Uni and one that everyone will love.

With 10,000 free glow-sticks being given away, rave batons, UV face painting and more giveaways throughout the night.

This event should most definitely be added to your calendars now. Held at Story nightclub, make sure to get your tickets as soon as they become available.

Traffic Light Party: Held at Tiger Tiger, this event can ensure you get to know loads of new people, with great DJs and super cheap drink deals. What’s not to love.

Make sure to choose the sticker that you want, with red being already taken, orange for maybe depends on the person, and green signifying single and ready to mingle.

Freshers Disco Land: If dancing is your thing, you will definitely want to make sure that you are at Walkabout for this event. With colourful outfits and great tunes, you can dance the night away to your favourite cringey songs with your new housemates. All while enjoying some cheap student drink deals and shots.

Wherever you end up in freshers week, make sure you enjoy it, as you want to look back and think of this as the start of a new stage in your life and how amazing it was.  

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