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Best Halloween Costume Ideas And Why You Should Organise Them Early

Cicely McFarlane September 20, 2022

Halloween is one of the best nights of the year and, with events taking place all week before the actual day, it gives you plenty of time to be able to plan the perfect outfits, or even multiple ones if you can’t decide!

If you start looking and planning now, then not only do you have time to chop and change your mind, but you can also get the majority of what you need for a much cheaper price (before they are upped just before the actual day). Below are some of my favourite Halloween ideas, and some of the cheapest outfits you can get.

Top Gun

Due to the second film of this franchise being released this year, Top Gun is 100% going to be one of the most popular outfits for this. Yet all you need are some kaki-coloured clothing, aviators, and perhaps a leather jacket. This look can be cheap and cheerful and a make-your-own sort of thing, if you don’t want to be over the top in your look creation.

Hocus Pocus

This is one of the most popular Halloween films. If you are a group of three, it could be a really fun idea! Once again, you can make this as detailed or simple as you like, all being assigned a colour of either purple, red, or green, having a shawl of some kind and a witch’s hat. By following the famous hairstyles each character has, it will create an amazing look.

Photo by Ksenia Yakovleva on Unsplash

Rainbow Fairies

For those who love a simple look, you really can’t beat being the rainbow fairy. Here you can buy a colourful tutu, wand and matching wings. This look will not be mistaken for anything else and can be one of the cheapest of these options. Amazon has amazing deals on fairy packs so, if this interests you, definitely get looking soon to ensure it arrives on time.


If you’re part of a group unable to decide on outfits, I would suggest going with the Teletubbies. Not only would this be extremely fun; they can also be very cheap Halloween outfits to commit to. You can match the colour to whichever of the four Teletubbies you have chosen. If you have a fifth person you want in the costume, they could even be the sun or the hoover.

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