Best Matching Tattoos To Get Before Leaving Uni
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Best Matching Tattoos To Get Before Leaving Uni

Cicely McFarlane May 29, 2022

As university comes to an end, many of your friends, housemates and even your course mates may live all over the country, or even around the world.

This makes the idea of getting a matching tattoo all the more meaningful. The fact that you might not see your friends every day, as you do now, makes this idea all the more special.

Having a matching tattoo will symbolise a time in your life when you can look back and think of the friendship that you shared. It reminds you that, even though you may not see each other all the time, you still share a very close bond.

Deciding on what matching tattoo to get can be a challenge. So here are some of the most minimal, yet meaningful, designs to think about.

An ankle tattoo

This is a place for a tattoo that doesn’t have to be too noticeable and can be hidden if needs be.

A cute idea for matching tattoos would be an outline of a daisy or a flower of some sort. Although simple, it’s a pretty idea that will not age badly.

Another ankle tattoo idea could be the name of your favourite pub. This could be a hilarious tattoo that you will look back on and think of all the fun memories you made together at this specific location.

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3 Dots

Having a tattoo of three hollow circles on the back of your arm, or back of your ankle, can be a great group tattoo idea.

Each person with the same tattoo can have a different circle shaded in. For example, the oldest of the friendship group can have the first circle shaded in, the middle person should have the middle one, and the youngest should have the top circle.

This means that, together, you create a whole pattern, yet they’re still matching enough to mean something.

This will connect you always and remind you of the group friendships that you’ve made.

Rib cage

Although potentially one of the more painful tattoo options, this can be a beautiful place to have something meaningful.

This could be something as simple as an outline of a wave, if the sea is meaningful to you both, or a specific lucky number that you relied on in those moments of stress and pressure during your degree.

Take your time choosing

Tattoos are very particular to the individual. Even if these ideas don’t appeal to you, hopefully, the location of some tattoos mentioned may be more up your street.

Make sure you get a tattoo that you can look back on and have good memories. Whatever you decide, you want to be proud of your decision and enjoy the little message on your body forevermore.

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