Best Overnight Hair Care Tips To Prevent Breakage And Increase Growth
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Best Overnight Hair Care Tips To Prevent Breakage And Increase Growth

Cicely McFarlane May 20, 2022

Hair can really make or break a look, so caring for it is of the utmost importance. Everyone’s hair is different of course, and some are blessed with luscious long locks without having to put time into its care at all.

Unfortunately for many, including myself, this is not the case. Especially after bleaching my hair, I have to apply some much-needed aftercare. So I have come up with some useful tips for all to try. They won’t even waste a second of your day, as these are all overnight hacks.

How to have your hair at night

The split between the population of those who have their hair tied up, and those that wear it down, is one as old as time.

This issue can be a hard one to crack when assessing what is actually better for your hair, and what is simply easier or more comfortable.

Some people find wearing their hair down as they sleep can make them uncomfortable, and they wake to find their hair more out of control. This then leads to additional time dedicated to styling it the next day.

However, when you sleep, if you wish to prevent breakage and increase growth, then sleeping with your hair down really does help.

Even if you just do a loose low ponytail or plait, it allows your scalp to relax and not be scraped up all into a bun.

Additionally, using a scrunchie or loose material to tie your hair, rather than a tight hairband, can really allow your hair to breathe. This ensures that the hair doesn’t get bent the following day, leaving your hair as fresh and silky as possible.

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Hair Masks!

This is a routine that you can get into weekly and will ensure that your hair will grow longer and stronger.

Doing this once a week ensures that you don’t overmanage your hair, or make it too oily. I would suggest wearing this hair mask overnight before the morning that you plan on washing your hair. That way you can get all the nutrients and as much out of this ‘hair food’ as possible.

Heat-free styles

For a curly hairstyle, people tend to use curling irons or heated rollers. As much as a heat-protecting spray really does help in stopping this equipment from damaging your hair, nothing beats a heat-free style.

Cutting up pieces of material, rolling sections of your hair around them to the scalp, then sleeping in this up-do style, and releasing them the next morning, creates a soft, beachy, wavy look. This is a much healthier way to get the look and style that you want.

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