Best Pop Culture 2022 Halloween Costume Ideas
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Best Pop Culture 2022 Halloween Costume Ideas

Molly Raby October 6, 2022

Halloween is coming thick and fast! And you don’t want to leave it until the last minute and then have to draw whiskers on your cheeks with eyeliner and call yourself a cat.

Here are some of the best pop culture outfits from the past year that will make you stand out from the crowd, whether you’re going to a party or just hitting up the neighbours for some Haribo.

Stranger Things Halloween costumes

Eddie Munson stole all of our hearts in the newest season of Stranger Things. His rock and roll, devil horn attitude, mixed with his brotherly relationship with Dustin makes him the perfect dude.

Thankfully, it is quite easy to turn into him. You need a big curly wig, ripped jeans, a Hellfire Club shirt and a classic denim jacket.

If Eddie isn’t the route for you, there is always a classic Stranger Things Halloween idea: Eleven. A bald cap, nightgown and some fake blood coming from the nose, and you’re on to a winner.

Barbie and Ken

While the Barbie film doesn’t come out until 2023, we saw some paparazzi snaps of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in character this year and they were totally tubular!

The duo are seen in 80’s inspired neon workout clothes, fitted with matching visors and rollerblades.

This is the perfect Halloween getup for a solo Halloween night or if you’re part of a pair. 

House of the Dragon

Game Of Thrones might be over *sob*, but House of the Dragon is here!

It is still totally acceptable to dress up as the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, but why not keep up to date and become Rhaenyra Targaryen.

You’re going to need a classy red dress, a blonde wig in plaits, a bedazzled cloak and a head piece is optional, depending on how far you want to go.

A League of Their Own

The reboot of A League of Their Own has women all over the world wanting to join their nearest softball (or rounders) team.

If you are lucky enough to have a gang of girls who love the show, the best outfit idea this year would be to become the Rockford Peaches.

You will need a beige dress, red socks and, ideally, a Rockford Peaches baseball cap.

Maybe leave the baseball bat at home though…

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