Best Sun Protecting Creams And Sprays Suited To Your Skin Type
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Best Sun Protecting Creams And Sprays Suited To Your Skin Type

Cicely McFarlane July 17, 2022

Summer is a time when you need to start thinking about your skin, how to protect it, and how to choose the best sun creams and oils that work for you.

Even on cloudy days, the UV light can still massively affects your skin, so wearing the correct amount of sun cream protection is vitally important for your health and well-being.

Sometimes it can be challenging to find a skin cream, sun protector, or skin oil that is not only protecting you from the UV rays but also stops breakouts.

Below are some of the most highly recommended and dermatologically tested creams and oils that I would recommend using.

SPF30 100% Mineral UV Filters

This is a cream that is not only great for some protection, and your skin, but it’s also really good for the environment.

This is because the packaging is 30% recycled for the tube, and 98% recycled for the lid.

This means that by purchasing this you are not only protecting yourself but also the environment.

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Ultra Violet Lean Screen Mineral Mattifying SPF50

Although on a slightly more expensive side, if breaking out is something that you struggle with then this is definitely worth the purchase.

This not only protects you from the sun, but it reduces a shiny face as well as uses ingredients that combat acne.

Garnier Ambre Solaire Over Makeup Super UV Protection Mist

This is one of my absolute favourite summertime purchases.

As it is so lightweight it can be sprayed over your makeup just before you leave the house and does not feel like you have smothered your face in cream.

This is an affordable and highly protective mist, with most stores selling it for around £6.50.

Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Oil Spray SPF15

This tanning oil is filled with SPF 15, alongside many vitamins that will help your skin.
This includes vitamin A, E, and finally vitamin C. This is a conditioning oil with a coconut scent that can be highly protective as well as enable a nice golden tan.

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