Best Supermarket Foods Released This Veganuary
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Best Supermarket Foods Released This Veganuary

Chelsie Henshaw January 17, 2022

This article is a guide to the hottest new vegan products that you need to get your hands on. For context, I am a vegetarian but often go for vegan alternatives (oatmilk is the GOAT). If you are wondering what to buy this Veganuary, we’ve got you covered.


Student favourite for those sweet bargains, Aldi is smashing it this Veganuary. When I visited my local one last week, I couldn’t help but grab a huge haul of all the new products. The freezer section was full to the brim with classic products and the newbies introduced this month.

  • No Sausage, Bean and Vegan Melt Bakes (two for £1.29). Although these don’t seem like my cup of tea, they are perfect for those who can’t get enough of the Greggs bakes.
  • Salt & Vinegar No Fish Fillets (two for £1.99). Could these be the perfect replacement for the classic British chippy tea?
  • No Chicken Dino-Bites (eight for £1.29) providing the quick and easy meal that we university students often rely on.
  • Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream (£1.99). Does this classic really need any explanation?
  • Plus, lots more!

Also, don’t worry, they have plenty of other products that won’t fill up your freezer, including their No Chicken Tikka Pieces (£1.75) which are perfect for a lunchtime wrap, and their Sticky Lemon Sponge Pudding (£1.99) which is to die for.


Moving swiftly over to Tesco, another student favourite for when you’d rather nip into a Tesco Express on your way back from university, then face the stress of Aldi. Tesco is where you can exclusively purchase products by Wicked Kitchen, the baby of Wicked Healthy’s two co-founders and the supermarket giant. Some Wicked Kitchen items definitely worth looking out for are:

  • Mega Mac (£5 but apparently serves two, I guess it depends on how hungry you’re feeling…). You guessed it, it’s a vegan twist on everyone’s go to comfort meal.
  • Bigger Bros Enchiladas (£5, can you see a pattern?). A little bit of spice for those who can hack it.
  • Wow-Wow-Wedges (£2.50). What an inventive name.
  • Kickin’ Cauli Katsu Curry (£5), the English Literature student in me can’t help but appreciate the alliteration in this one.
  • 2 Bangin’ Brownie Sundaes (£3) for the chocolate lover.

Tesco also have their own brand vegan range called Plant Chef which now includes a Vegan BLT and All Day Breakfast Sandwich for that beloved meal deal.


Now, I haven’t tried any of the M&S products yet myself (#studentbudget) but I have seen many people rave about them on social media. After sifting through a lot of Instagram stories on the products, I have tried to collate a list of the crème de la crème (vegan version of course):

  • Wood-fired Hot & Spicy Pizza (£5). Great for those fakeaway nights.
  • Cheese Flavour Twists (£1.50), who doesn’t love a cheesy snack?
  • Chocolate Cake Jar (£4), says it on the tin really.
  • Creamy Cookie Pots (£3.50). These honestly look like heaven, and I can’t wait to get these
  • Chocolatey Brownies (£2.50), yes, M&S are killing it with the desserts.

Krispy Kreme

Although Krispy Kreme isn’t exactly a supermarket, you can buy their three new vegan doughnuts in Sainsbury’s. So that counts, right? You will have already seen the magnificent Caramel Choc Delight in the above photo, but the brand has also released Fudge Brownie Bliss and Apple Custard Crumble. I purchased these under the guise of writing this piece and enjoyed them as an afternoon snack with my boyfriend who gave them the glowing review of ‘I can’t believe these are vegan!’

Comment down below if you would like me to do a review of Veganuary products from other supermarkets.

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