Best Tattoo Places To Go In Manchester
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Best Tattoo Places For Students In Manchester

Molly Raby January 31, 2023

Tattoos are now a hot commodity, with society doing an almost 180-degree turn on their opinion of body art. Previously, people with tattoos were looked down upon and could even lose out on employment opportunities. But in more modern times, tattoos are being regarded as pieces of artwork that can tell a story and add to a persons authenticity But where are the best tattoo places for students in Manchester?

You should look into tattoo artists before you work with them, so here are a few in the Manchester area that are well-versed in their field.

Flesh Tattoo

Flesh Tattoo is a ‘premium tattoo studio’ located in Manchester city centre. Unlike studios rented out by one artist, this studio currently holds six resident artists all sporting their own style of tattooing.

Flesh Tattoo is one of Manchester’s most popular studios, with over 30,000 followers on Instagram alone!

Each tattoo artist has a portfolio of work on their own personal accounts as well as the Flesh Tattoo account. If you want a specific kind of tattoo, then be sure to check out each artist’s work in order to know whose style would be best suited to your idea.

Here are Flesh Tattoo’s resident artists:

Flesh tattoo is located: 31-33 Lloyd Street, M2 5WA

Secret Society Tattoo

Secret Society Tattoo was founded in 2013 and has gone from strength to strength. With over 2,000 followers on Instagram, they have proved that they are a worthy tattoo artist and are a great option when it comes to tattoo places for students in Manchester.

You can learn more about the artist through their website and book in for an array of tattoos including cover-ups. This artist also works in a variety of styles, from colour to fine line and even restoration.

Secret Society Tattoo is located: 113 Pollard Street, M4 7JA

Sorry Mum Tattoo

Sorry Mum tattoo studio was created in 2013, with the funny name relating to the fact that many maternal figures are upset at permanent ink. They currently have almost 5,000 followers on Instagram, proving that they are professional and create amazing products.

Like many studios, they have a range of resident artists that tattoo variety of styles. These artists include:

No idea is too crazy, and no placement is too hard for these artists. If you want a galaxy battleship with a new planet of aliens, on your ribs, then buckle up because it can be done here.

Sorry Mum Tattoo is located: 2 Sherbourne Street, M25 1AF

72 Tattoo

72 Tattoo studio is home to a variety of artists that come and go, meaning that you can get tattooed by a range of people with different styles. With over 3,000 followers, they already have a loyal fanbase of clients and would love you to join!

From fine line to animal realistic, sleeves and even cover-ups, you will be able to find the right artist for the style you are after here at 72 Tattoo.

72 Tattoo is located: 31 Flixton Road, M41 5AW

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