Best Themes For A Summer Party
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Best Themes For A Summer Party

Cicely McFarlane June 25, 2022

Summer is the best time to invite some people round and hopefully enjoy some nice weather.

This is the perfect time to relax, catch up with some old friends, and just unwind from a busy year of hard work.

Whether you are leaving sixth form or finishing University, having a long summer is something that will not always be an option, as you start work and your career.

This means taking the time to enjoy your freedom is a must!

Here are some party theme ideas for you and your friends, to make those summer parties all the more enjoyable.

Beach Theme

The first and probably one of the most popular themes would be a beach one. This is a very easy dress-up and themed evening, and you can pretend to be abroad and even on a sunny sandy beach from your back garden.

To make this theme come to life, go on amazon and order inflatable palm trees, fairy lights, beach balls, as well as some beachy themed cups, and even a paddling pool.

This can make this vibe of evening affordable for all. Some themes to dress as for this party would be a lifeguard, a shark, a mermaid, or any sea creature.

This means that if you are someone who hates the idea of dressing up, putting a whistle around your neck and claiming to be a lifeguard is still a viable option.

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Glitter Theme

This is a basic theme, but for those summer evenings having glitter in your hair or wearing a sparkly top can make it feel all the more special.

Once again this is also a super cheap night to create as you can buy some glitter pots on Amazon for a couple of pounds.

Once again you can go as hard or as easy as you want to for this themed evening. This theme is very easy to achieve so all of your guests will be able to do something to fit in.

However, if anyone does turn up not on theme, having a pot of glitter by the front door, and putting some either in their hair or on their face is very easy and quick!

This will ensure to your night feels a little bit more special than a usual drinking evening.

Bring your Favourite Drink

Although not a dressing up theme, this is an evening which many people enjoy as it will save you from breaking the bank!

The idea here is simple, everyone has to come to the party with a bottle of their favourite drink or spirit, this means that the host does not have to splash the cash, and that everyone can try and compare all the different summer concoctions.

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