Best Tweet Reactions To Lexi's Play In Euphoria
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Best Tweet Reactions To Lexi's Play In Euphoria

Ella Kipling February 24, 2022

The penultimate episode of Euphoria hit our screens on Monday and fans are deeming this one of the best yet. We finally got to see Lexi’s play. With all the characters in the audience (except Fezco and Ashtray…but don’t get us started on that) there was a lot going on.

Lexi’s play, titled “Our Life,” is about her own adolescence and friendship group. Although she changes the names of the characters (e.g Maddie’s character becomes Marta) it is clear to everyone who the play is really about. I had high expectations for the play as Lexi’s experience of being a wallflower means she knows all the gossip and all the drama. If someone was going to expose Cassie and Nate in front of the whole school, it was going to be her.

If you want a quick recap, here is everything you need to know.

Lexi put on her play and dazzled as lead, Maddie and Kat revel in the vindication they feel at watching Nate be roasted on stage, Rue actually smiles in the crowd, and both Cassie and Nate storm out of the auditorium in rage.

However, the real star of the play is Ethan, who played several parts including Nate Jacobs and delivered a lengthy and extremely homoerotic performance of ‘I Need a Hero,’ set in Euphoria High’s football dressing room.

Hilarious reactions to Lexi’s play

Lexi was worried about everyone’s reactions to her play (you know, given that it was about them) and as soon as the curtain lifted on stage it became pretty clear she had good reason to. Are we mad that she exposed Nate Jacobs in front of the entire school? Absolutely not. We are team Lexi over here and she decided to step into the light and use her newfound power of performance to annihilate Nate as she should.

Without a doubt, the funniest audience reaction to Lexi’s play has to go to her mother, Suze, who rejoiced in seeing herself being played on stage. Hilariously, she did not seem to mind that she was being played rather unflatteringly by Ethan, a teenage boy, nor did she notice the fact that Lexi had written her exactly as she is- an alcholic.

Suze was having the time of her life in that auditorium and her shouts of ‘that’s supposed to be me!’ are genuinely heartwarming. After years of being ignored, you cannot help but feel happy for Lexi who is finally being noticed, getting Suze’s attention, and stepping out of the shadow of her older sister Cassie.

Cassie has faced what can only be described as a brutal character assassination this series, and has found herself go from a fan-favourite, to being widely hated for her actions towards her supposed best friend Maddie. This episode, she stepped the crazy up a notch and delivered some terrifying facial expressions. Props to Sydney Sweeney, whose acting has been off the charts this series.

This scene in the play was a masterpiece. The music? Phenomenal. The choreography? Insane. The performance? Absolutely brilliant. Ethan really proved to everyone (and the viewers at home) that he is more than Kat made him out to be. This man is not boring. He is an artiste who, in one five-minute dance number, destroyed Nate Jacobs.

Okay, so we’re not complaining over the budget for Lexi’s play because let’s be real, we loved it. Yet one can’t help but wonder how she secured so much funding. Between the set, the costumes, and the lighting, the budget for the play doesn’t really add up. This episode has actually raised a pretty important discussion online about funding for the arts in public high schools.

I think we can all agree on these two.

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