Best UK Universities For Teacher Training
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Best UK Universities For Teacher Training

Molly Raby January 29, 2023

It takes great schooling to produce great teachers, but where exactly is that? In short, what are the best universities for teacher training. Figuring out what career path you wish to take is a massive step in itself, so congratulations on that. Now, you just have to try and bag yourself the best university for you. If teaching is your passion, then here are some of the universities across the UK that best teach this course according to The Times Higher Education Rankings.

University of Oxford

Everyone rates Oxford as having one of the best universities in the UK, maybe even the world. And this can sometimes come with a stigma of “can it really be that good?”

Well, according to the Times Higher Education study, the University of Oxford is the best in the UK for education degrees. If that isn’t enough, it comes in fourth out of all the universities in Europe. If you want the best university for teacher training, Oxford should definitely be on your list.

Their courses are internationally recognised and their PGCE program allows you to teach with an additional age group.

Students on this educational course have the opportunity to work with some 37 comprehensive schools in the local area. This will allow for students to gain a vast amount of experience, which they may not get elsewhere.

Once completed, students working on for a PGCE will gain ‘Qualified Teacher Status’ meaning they are Government approved – something which not all universities do.

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University of Dundee

The University of Dundee is another well respected university when talking about educational teaching degrees.

Here, students are taught through two in-class modules and three professional school placements.

Students are also given the opportunity to engage in a “learning from life” module.

This sees students.put into educational environments which are not schools (museums, charities, etc) so as to further learn about the skill of teaching.

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University of Manchester

This university teaches students not just the basic skills and traits of becoming a teacher, but also the social and political aspects.

Modules at the University of Manchester will see you studying topics such as children’s mental health, social inequality, gender politics and much more.

The University of Manchester is a sought-after university in general, being in the hub of creativity and nightlife. Not to mention, the fact that it has been officially ranked as a stellar teaching university. So, you will need a minimum of ABB to bag yourself a place.

University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield is one of the few universities to offer a dual teaching course in ‘Education, Culture and Childhood’ as a BA Honours degree.

This is a genius degree as it prepares students for any kind of teaching and allows them to not just work in schools, but all sorts of children’s services.

This is a three-year course, that is taught by internationally recognised specialists, so you are truly getting taught by the best in the field.

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