Best Ways For Students To Spend Galentine's Day
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Best Ways For Students To Spend Galentine's Day

Manon Lamy January 28, 2023

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon there is pressure to make plans. However, February doesn’t have to be a big deal. But it’s not for everyone. Perhaps it’s because there’s no one in your life right now, or because you’ve suffered from too many broken hearts. Or maybe you just want to spend a day or an evening with your best girlfriends? Whatever the case, there are plenty of ways for students to spend Galentine’s Day.

If you want to spend time with your girlfriends, but want it to be more original than simply ordering in and watching a movie, look no further for inspiration.

Take a cooking class

Taking cooking lessons between girlfriends is one of the best ways for students to spend Galentine’s Day. With a simple Google search, you can find some great options relatively close to home. Whether you want to learn to bake something chocolaty or something salty, there is something out there for everyone.

And the bonus is, after you’ve finished cooking, you can all enjoy the food you’ve made.

Host a mixology party

If you and your girlfriends want to have a fun night of original drinks, then having a mixology party is the option for you. You can assemble all your alcohol and make up all kinds of fun drinks. Or you can find recipes from a book or from Pinterest.

If you are a student on a budget, everyone can contribute a bottle of something. This is bound to be a night of great fun. To make it even better, you can set a fun dress code. Fancy dress or just smart, it’s bound to be a night everyone will remember.

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Fondue night

Two words for you. Fondue night.

It’s a great thing to do and there are so many ways to go about it. Sweet, salty, cheese or meats.

If you want to do the savoury option, you can do the melted cheese fondue. With some melted cheese and some bread, accompanied with some white wine, you can’t go wrong. In order to do an actual fondue night, there are certain cheeses to use but a quick search will tell you exactly what you need.

And if cheese isn’t your thing and you have a sweet tooth then a chocolate fondue may be up your street. Melt some chocolate, cut up some fruit, some sweets and much more. This is will be an excellent evening.

At home mani pedi night

Pop some bubbly and get painting your nails. Everyone can pitch in for a gel machine or you can share nail colours. Most people have nail polish so there is sure to be no shortage.

Plus you’ll be at home; the perfect place to share all the gossip undisturbed.

Have a bake off

Another great way for everyone to have some fun is to organise a bake off. It is even more fun if your friends have a little competitive spirit. Pick a recipe, either from a cooking book or from Pinterest, and see who can make the best tasting or best looking version.

Plus you can eat what you make after.

Have a karaoke night

Having a karaoke night is great way to have fun between girlfriends. You can either book a karaoke room together or host one at home with your TV. With everyone singing and giving it their all there will be no shortage of entertainment.

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