Birthday Gift Ideas For Uni Friends
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Birthday Gift Ideas For Uni Friends

We’ve all been stuck before buying a birthday gift for a friend at uni. I have the perfect ideas to help you out!


Since being at university, many of the friends I’ve made and I have become more obsessed with drinking tea and coffee than ever before. On a regular basis, I find myself with one of my friends in the home section of TK Maxx buying yet another mug to add to our endless collection. 

Everyone loves a funky, unique mug. You can’t go wrong with this birthday gift.

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A Party Game

Party games are a must-have at university. Whether you’re getting hyped up for a night out or just want a fun night in then a party game is needed. Also, you can never have too many party games! Find out what kind of games this person enjoys. Funny games, truth-spilling games, competitive games and so on. The choices are endless. 

Some of my favourites are: 

  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Truth Bombs
  • Incohearent 

Celebrity Merch

Does your friend have a favourite actor, musician or sports team? If so, that’s the perfect start to a birthday gift idea. 

Many uni rooms are plastered with posters and pictures. If your friend is missing a poster of their idol, there’s no better time to gift them just that! Alternatively, you could get them a t-shirt, hoodie or some socks! Redbubble is an amazing online shop to find celebrity merchandise items designed by independent artists.  

Personalised Photo Gifts

One of my favourite things I’ve received as a gift from a friend is a cute photo frame with a picture of us. One friend even made me a photo book with pictures detailing the course of our friendship. 

A sentimental gift is the ultimate way to show a friend you love and cherish them. FreePrints is great for gifts like these given how affordable it is too. Ideal for students! 


Picking out birthday gifts is difficult, no matter who it’s for. Creating a birthday hamper is a great way to overcome this difficulty. 

Your hamper can include whatever you want! Think about what your friend loves and fill it with that. Do they have a sweet tooth? Are they into makeup? Are they artistic? Once you know what they love, creating a personalised hamper is easy peasy.

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