A Student Guide to Public Transport In Bristol
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Bristol: A Student Guide to Public Transport

Ella Kipling April 25, 2022

Moving to a new city is exciting, but you can also be presented with a series of challenges when learning to navigate a new place. One of these is learning how to use public transport. Being a university student means that you will be reliant on public transport. As Bristol has two universities (one of which is non-campus), it’s important to get to grips with it quickly. That way, you can get out and about and see what the city has to offer.

Here is a quick and easy guide to public transport in Bristol including ticket prices, routes, and rules.


The bus service in Bristol is the most popular way to get around. The system is easy to navigate – simply download the First Bus app to buy your tickets and find out which bus you need to get.

There are several ticket options for students in Bristol.

Bristol FirstWeek Student £15.00

Unlimited travel for seven consecutive days on all First buses in the Bristol Zone.

Bristol FirstMonth Student £54.90

Unlimited travel for one calendar month on all First buses in the Bristol Zone.

Bristol FirstYear Student £551

Unlimited travel for a year on all First buses in the Bristol Zone.

The app also offers discounts and tickets specific to travel to and from the University of Bristol, and UWE.

Other options for bus travel include:

Bristol FirstDay Student £3.70– one full day of unlimited travel.

Bristol Flat Fare Single Student £1.50– a single journey.

The First Bus app also helps you plan journeys. If you are unsure of what bus you need to take, simply enter your starting destination and where you want to go, and the app will tell you where your nearest bus stop is and what number bus you need to get on. You can also buy tickets on the bus if you don’t want to use the app.


Bristol has two main train stations: Temple Meads and Parkway. These are used mostly for travel to and from other towns and cities. However, Bristol also has eleven suburban rail stations in Lawrence Hill, Stapleton Road, Montpelier, Redland, Clifton Down, Sea Mills, Shirehampton, Avonmouth, Bedminster, Parson Street, and Filton Abbey Wood.

Students are eligible for a 16-25 railcard. You pay a one-time fee and can get 1/3 off Standard Anytime, Off-Peak, Advance, and First Class Advance rail fares.

E Scooters

Bristol introduced e scooters to the city two years ago and, if you are new to the city, one thing you will notice is the abundance of Voi scooters all over town.

The scooters are relatively easy to use and are popular with students who use them to get around. To use Voi scooters follow the steps below:

Download the Voi app and create an account.

Locate a scooter nearby using the map function in the app.

Scan the QR code on the handlebar of the scooter to unlock it.

Start riding! To ride, simple push off with your foot to get the scooter rolling before using the throttle.

To end your ride park the scooter and make sure you end it in the app too.

Voi has several rules you have to follow to ensure you are riding safely. Only one person is allowed on a scooter at all times, and you are advised to wear a helmet. Drink riding is strictly prohibited and the Voi app actually includes a reaction time test to check that you are sober enough to ride.

You also must be at least 18 years old and hold a provisional or full driving licence to ride Voi scooters.


In 2008, Bristol was named the UK’s first Cycling City, which tells you everything you need to know about the city’s friendliness towards cyclists. There are plenty of cycle paths and routes around the city, and lots of places to park your bike.

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