BUCS Boxing Championships Preview
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BUCS Boxing Championships Preview

Oscar Frost May 24, 2022

One of the more out-there sports to grace the BUCS calendar is the BUCS Boxing championships. Promising to be a knockout event, it will be a fantastic event for student boxers across the UK to come together to see who will come out on top.

When and Where?

The BUCS Boxing Championships will be held in Wolverhampton over the course of three days, running from 27 May to 29 May.

How Will it Run?

Due to the competitive nature of getting to the BUCS Boxing Championships, priority had to be given to boxers based on their winning ratio in previous fights. Universities that only have enough fighters to bring guaranteed entries are also favoured over boxers at institutions with additional entries.

The number of rounds is determined by the fighter’s experience. For the men, the bouts will be three two minute rounds if it is within their first seven total fights. Any more experienced boxers will have three three minute rounds, making them far more gruelling.

Similarly, women with less than five previous fights will have three two minute rounds. More experienced fighters (6+) will have three three minute rounds.

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The bouts at the BUCS Boxing Championships will be sorted by experience, meaning that there are three different categories per gender. The more experienced fighters will win more BUCS points for their universities. The top category includes fighters who have fought over 11 times for women, and 16 for men. The lowest category applies to men with under 7, and women under 5 previous fights. Anybody in between these numbers will be placed in an intermediate category.

For the bouts, the BUCS Boxing Championships will have BUCS specific regulations, as well as the England Boxing Rule Book 2022, and the International Boxing Association Technical and Competition Rules. This means that the athletes will be as safe as possible while at the event.

Overall, the BUCS Boxing Championships promise to be a fantastic event, and one that will be great for spectators. Tickets can be purchased on the day at £6, or a weekend ticket can be purchased for £12.

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