Can Students Claim Universal Credit? The Benefits They Are Entitled To
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Can Students Claim Universal Credit? The Benefits They Are Entitled To

Jasmyne Jeffery January 27, 2023

Students are struggling at the minute, so it’s not surprising if you’re finding out if you’re entitled to more money. One of the most common benefits in the UK is universal credit. So, can students claim universal credit and what benefits are they entitled to?

With maintenance loans that don’t cover rent and the increased cost of living, students will be looking to see what other money they’re entitled to. One that comes up a lot is universal credit, but can students claim it, or any other benefits?

Can Students Claim Universal Credit?

According to GOV.UK, it’s unlikely that you are eligible for universal credit if you are a full-time student. That being said, there are always exceptions to the rule.

You may still be able to claim the monthly payment if you are studying full-time, but one of the following applies to you:

  • You have a child in your care.
  • The person you live with claims universal credit.
  • If you have a disability, have a limited capacity for work and claim a disability allowance.
  • You’ve been able to claim Pension credit but live with someone who has not.
  • You are under 21, have no parental support and are in full-time non-advanced education.

If you are studying part-time (less than 12 hours a week) and if you are available to work then you may also be eligible for universal credit.

For any of the above reasons, there are more conditions to being able to claim.

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What Benefits Can Students Get?

It’s much more likely that you’ll be able to claim any other type of benefit if you are a part-time student.

According to Turn2US, you would be able to claim child-related, housing, income support and other benefits. This is particularly so if you have a partner who also claims some form of benefits. It is worth noting that the amount you receive may be affected if you start a part-time course.

For most full-time students, you will not be entitled to any other benefits whilst at university. You are counted as a student from your first day of study until you graduate, so you cannot claim during holidays either.

However, if you have officially taken time out of study then you may be able to claim Job Seeker’s Allowance.

Any benefits that you do receive will be reduced if you receive a student loan and/or grant.

There are more conditions to the reasons above. If you already claim a form of benefit pay-out before starting a full-time course then you may still be entitled to it if any of the above reasons apply.

To summarise, if you are a full-time student then it is unlikely that you will be able to claim any kid of benefit. This is especially so if you receive a student loan and/or grant. However, each case is different, particularly if you were entitled to government pay-outs before starting education.

To receive any kind of benefit you must fill in s forms and answer questions to check if your eligibility..

If you are struggling with money at university, then turn to loved ones or your university who may be able to provide you with financial support.

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