Candlelight Concerts: A New Kind Of Night Out
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Candlelight Concerts: A New Kind Of Night Out

Anna Robinson May 11, 2022

With the popularity of the Bridgerton soundtrack and its orchestral covers of pop songs, there has been an influx in a new kind of night out. Hosted in beautiful locations in over 90 cities around the world, candlelit performances of popular songs by orchestras and string quartets create a unique and immersive event.

I recently attended a Taylor Swift themed performance in the historic Birmingham Cathedral and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I purchased the £15 ticket which noted that I would have a restricted view, but I was actually able to see everything from my seat.

The atmosphere was great and there were hundreds of electric candles adding to the ambience. The quartet talked us through every few songs so we knew a bit about which album they were from. The timbre in the cathedral meant the sound travelled and it was easy to hear. It was a great way to spend an hour and, with a bar on site serving alcohol and soft drinks, everyone was catered for.

Photo by Steve Sharp on Unsplash

Experience economy

Expanding on the popularity of the experience economy – especially post-covid when people are keen to be out and about – thousands of people attend the events monthly. Fever present their Candlelight Concert events yearly all over the world with performances of songs by a wide range of artists. From movie soundtracks to Queen, Abba to Adele, there is an event for everyone. Other major artists include Sting, Elton John, Justin Bieber and Hans Zimmer. A lot of these performances are replicated around the world, but some of the locations have performances specific to that place – such as local artists like Luis Miguel in Mexico City.

There are also performances of classical music from Vivaldi and Einaudi in churches and music halls, as well as outdoor gardens and parks in warmer countries. Nashville hosts an event ‘under the stars’ in the planetarium in the city as a string quarter performs sci-fi and fantasy film scores. The company chooses locations that fit the theme of the music, and also ensure the musicians fit the music- such as a brass band or a solo pianist. In Paris, there are candlelit ballet performances to enjoy.

An emotional evening

The experience is incredibly moving and a really nuanced way to enjoy your favourite music alone or with loved ones. The ambience of the space really added to my enjoyment and, because there are performances all across the globe, it would be a great way to experience a city when travelling and to listen to new music in a unique way. The locations are unusual and thus are not the usual concert venue, so it feels much more intimate.

The prices are somewhat steep, with the cheapest seat being £15 and increasing to around £50 but, regardless of your location in the venue, the music quality stays the same and the acoustics mean you don’t miss out. Fever is an online company and does not have a call centre, so if there are ticketing issues be warned that it may take some time to get a response.

The website is also quite vague, but rest assured it is legit. They are also keen for social media users to share photos and videos to increase their reach. We were told when we could take photos and videos as it can be distracting to some artists, especially when the crowd is quite small and close to you. However, because of the setting, sharing pictures was not a chore. This experience gives the opportunity to enjoy your favourite songs in beautiful surroundings with high-quality musicians. In short, the perfect night out.

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