Celebrities Who Got A 2:2 Or Less At University
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Celebrities Who Got A 2:2 Or Less At University

Jessica Hamilton April 29, 2022

As the academic year closes, why not ease your anxiety by reminding yourself of life beyond university results. And what better way to do so than reading about celebrities who didn’t achieve high class grades. As you look at this list of famous people with 2:2’s or thirds, remind yourself success does not directly correlate with your degree. 

JK Rowling 

Rowling’s 2:2 degree is probably the least controversial thing about her. But, regardless of public opinion, her success is undeniable. Harry Potter reached universal success, becoming the world’s bestselling book and a £15 billion enterprise. And it was not a result of her French and Classics degree. 

Carol Voderman 

Vorderman’s third in engineering did not hold her back in the slightest. Soon after university she landed a job as the maths expert on Countdown. She maintained the job for an impressive 26 years before leaving in 2008. Not only are we impressed by her mathematical skills, but her ability to find success outside of University.

Bear Grylls

Initial thoughts on Bear Grylls will never be his University degree; rather his thrill-seeking and adventurous personality. He received a 2:2 in Hispanic Studies at University. In his book ‘Success Story’ he attributes his success to hardwork and perseverance. 

Hugh Laurie 

This award-winning actor, comedian, director and musician proves once again that grades aren’t always relevant to success. Unless you’ve read this article, you aren’t likely to think of his third in archaeology. 

Mel Giedroyc 

Actress and presenter Mel Giedroyc received a 2:2 in French and Italian at University. Despite an average result, her career has been anything but. So, the next time you’re hard on yourself about your uni grades, just think, maybe you could get a job on Bake Off without an impressive grade.

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