Coventry Lord Mayor’s Show Displays Support For Ukraine Raising £2,500

Coventry Lord Mayor’s Show Displays Support For Ukraine Raising £2,500

Charis Gambon April 13, 2022

Coventry’s Lord Mayors show 2022 has shown a display of support for Ukraine, raising £2,500 to help those fleeing the dangers of war.

The show, which took place Monday, April 11, at the Albany Theatre, in Coventry, was the first by the current Lord Mayor, John McNicholas.

Showing support for Ukraine

The event was utilised by Coventry to raise money for Ukraine and managed to raise £2,500, to be split between two charities that aim to help Ukraine, the disasters emergency committee and the Ukraine charity.

Lord Mayor McNicholas commented in his speech at the show that wished to ‘’use the arts to send a message’, and commented that Coventry is the UK city of culture and that he had a desire to utilise the status for a worthy cause to help Ukraine and its people.

Coventry is now the home of some of the Ukrainian population who have fled from their homeland and McNicholas stated that Coventry wanted to express its support for those Ukrainians who now live in Coventry.  McNicholas also commented: ”Coventry condemns the heinous war crimes of Putin.’’

He then finished up by stating that Coventry and its people want to ‘add our voices to the call for the end of war and peace’.

The show was full of incredibly moving acts who sang and danced on the stage at the Albany Theatre. Every single piece was carefully created and chosen to fit the occasion. 

Closed With Ukrainian Voices

It was incredibly fitting that the show was opened and closed by the Verkhovyna male voice choir which is comprised of second and third generation Ukrainians who are the descendants of Ukrainian’s who came to the UK after the Second World War.

The aim of the choir is to keep alive the rich heritage and culture of Ukraine and it felt right the Lord Mayor’s show was drawn to a close by the Verkhovyna male voice choir singing the Ukrainian national anthem.

A Polish band, the Souls of Joy, performed next and again allowed for the audience to experience cultures that they might not usually get the chance to.

After that soulful who are Coventry’s longest choir were next on the stage. It was clear that the people involved in Soulful are passionate about what they do as that passion shines through.  

During the twenty minute break the Lord Mayor told Freshered: ’It is a good night to show Coventry as the city of peace and reconciliation and that the heart and humanity of the city is very evident tonight. I am proud of everyone here for doing everything they are doing.’

Moving space company who are a collective based on the principle that ‘everyone can dance’ also performed as part of the show.

Finally, Hoverla Ukrainian dance ensemble who have been performing traditional Ukrainian folk dancing for the last 50 years performed at the show.

Culture is so important within Ukraine and it was truly special for the audeince to be able to see some traditional dancing.

Before the end McNicholas stated the event demonstrates ‘Coventry is the city of kindness’, and also urged people to talk to the MP to encourage them to change the way that Ukrainian’s can enter the UK, to allow them access to the country and then do the forms afterwards. 

After the show the Lord Mayor told Freshered he wanted to be ‘different’ in the role and confirmed the event wad able to raise £2,500 for charities.

He said: ‘I wanted to be different as lord mayor, I had interest with the lord mayoress to watch local acts at the Albany theatre and I Felt that it would be great to have a show to demonstrate support for local talent.

‘The event was originally for my charities; however, it was suggested that it would be great to use it to help Ukraine. We were able to  raise £2,500.’

He continued to say he supports the call for ‘stronger sanctions and for Putin being taken to international criminal court’.

‘It was right to recognise what is happening in Ukraine. It’s simply got to stop, how we do that is more difficult. I support the call for stronger sanctions and for Putin being taken to the international criminal court,’ he said.

‘We cannot allow dictators to do this without consequences for their actions. I supported the call by Gordon Brown in the chamber for Nuremberg style trial for Putin. Coventry also debated its link with Volgograd, they suspended the link which is not a comment on the people of the city but a comment on what is happening in Ukraine must stop.

‘They suspended the link not abandoned it and asked the people of Volgograd to speak to the Russian government which is difficult in itself as it carries a 15-year prison sentence.’

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