Creating A Final Year Bucket List: Cardiff Edition
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Creating A Final Year Bucket List: Cardiff Edition

Cicely McFarlane April 24, 2022

As the academic year soon draws to a close, for those who are leaving Cardiff after finishing their undergraduate degree, postgraduate degree, or internship in this lovely city; creating a bucket list to ensure that you have experienced all that Cardiff has to offer is a great way to have no regrets.

As I finish my fourth year at Cardiff University, and my Masters draws to a close, I have created the ultimate bucket list to be able to enjoy with your friends, or university house, in order to make some long-lasting memories before time runs out.

Below I have included just a few of my favourite picks, which are extremely fun activities to be able to do during the rest of this academic year.

Attending Student Union Nights:

As a student these might be some of the last times that you can attend some of the events that the student union holds, whether these are concerts, Yolo nights or juice events.

Of course, you can return as an older student, or as a plus one. But for many this could be the last time to use your student card to its full advantage. Make sure to attend a concert or go to a night oout, as when you’re older you want to look back and think that you made the most of this amazing student union.

Climbing Pen y Fan:

Just 36 miles outside of Cardiff is the highest peak in South Wales, Pen Y Fan. Making sure to climb this throughout your Uni experience is something that you won’t regret. You will get the most beautiful views and lasting memories with your friends.

Recommendations of doing this at sunrise so that you get to enjoy the beautiful sun over the valley is something which is a must to.

Visiting Rest Ray beach:

For those who enjoy surf, just 20 miles from Cardiff is a beach which is extremely popular for the surfing locals.

This could be a fun day out or a treat as a break from university life. This close and beautiful destination is where you can enjoy beautiful panoramic views whilst having a drink at the cafe or bar.

Why not attempt to surf if you are more of a water baby and missed the sea whilst living in the city.

A Day at Barry island:

Similarly, to visiting Rest Ray beach, Barry island is infamous as it is mentioned in the TV series Gavin and Stacey. A well-known comedy show provides reason enough  to go and visit Barry island, the beach is beautiful, and you can get fish and chips as you sit on the beach and enjoy the beautiful view.

It also has a fairground which you can go and enjoy as well as the local arcade. This is a cute and endearing place where you must visit before your time at university is up.

A huge bonus of Barry island is that it is extremely cheap so you could have an amazing day out with your friends, without breaking into the budget.

If you do not get around to attending some of the more expensive sides of this bucket list, there always the options of Roath and Bute park on a summer’s day. Having a BBQ there with your friends and enjoying a kick around cannot be beaten.

Cardiff has to offer some amazing and beautifu places, and most importantly the free parks where you can go and enjoy your day and relax as exams approach.

This is a perfect way to spend time with your friends as the summer days keep coming.

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