Everybody loves it for its cheap furniture, even if it is a tad tricky to assemble. A go-to place for university accommodation furniture, does IKEA have a student discount?

You’re not doing student life properly unless you’ve perused around Ikea at least once a year. Even if you only come back with some Daim cake and a belly full of meatballs and jam, navigating IKEA is still a bonding experience.

One thing that would make IKEA even better is if they offered a student discount. However, initiatives such as IKEA Family and the IKEA voucher scheme will also give you money off.

Does IKEA Have A Student Discount?

Sadly, IKEA does not have a student discount offer at the moment.

Throughout the year, Ikea offers occasional student discounts so it’s worth keeping an eye out. Typically, they offer a discount of 20% through StudentBeans so sign up to stay up to date for when they have an offer.

UNIDAYS also occasionally offer £10 off a £75 spend in-store or online, so make sure your profile is updated.

For the time being, keep all your wanted items on your wishlist and wait for these offers to come about again.

IKEA Family Is A Great Way To Save

There are still lots of ways to save money at IKEA without a student discount. The franchise has a membership where you can join the IKEA family. The scheme is completely free to join and gives you exclusive discounts on items in-store and online.

Ikea Boxes at the top of Car, Bornova, Izmir, Turkey
Izmir, Turkey – February 23, 2008: Group of boxes of furnitures installed at the top of an old fashioned VW car and bought from Ikea which is a Swe…

It also gives you the chance to go to certain events and workshops which could be great fun for you and your friends. Plus, you get a free hot drink every time you visit. The perfect choice to wash down those meatballs. Signing up means getting first dibs on offers that are delivered straight to your inbox

IKEA also regularly have different offers going on that everyone can benefit from. All the more reason for popping in more often!

IKEA Voucher Scheme Gets Money Off New Items

They also offer another fantastic voucher scheme which could get you plenty of vouchers to spend in-store. Got some old IKEA items? Don’t bin them just yet! Last year the company launched a scheme where customers could bring back pre-loved items and receive up to half the value back in vouchers to spend in-store. Even if your items aren’t in quite the same nick as when you purchased them, you could still get 30% of the original price back in vouchers.

Items in the scheme are:

You can find out your estimated voucher amount by using the tool on the IKEA site.

So, even if you can’t use your student discount quite yet, you can still get a decent amount of vouchers to take the edge off.

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