Does Music Help You Study?
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Does Music Help You Study?

Francesca Herring November 26, 2022

One of the greatest debates amongst students is whether or not music can really help you to improve on studying. Do you find that your productivity levels rise when you have some Taylor Swift playing? Or are you more of a study in silence person? Let’s take a look at whether music really is the key to study success.

Does music have any benefits to study?

Well, believe it or not, yes it does. But, not the kind of music you may usually listen to. A 2007 study found that music does help studying, but specifically classical music. Mozart may not be your envisioned artist to jam to in a study session, but it’s a worth a try, right?

Music also increases happiness, studies show. Increasing happiness then increases motivation, so you’re more likely to want to work. If you’re in a positive mind, your brain is also more likely to retain information and work harder. So, it seems that music does have plenty of benefits. 

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It may not work for you

Of course, music may not be for you. If you find it too irresistible to sing along with songs, you’ll probably struggle to get your head down. You may also find that you can’t find the right playlist for you. Spotify and Apple Music both have study playlists, but you may be someone that finds it distracting if a song you know comes on. If you’re going to work to songs you know, you need willpower to not sing a long.

If you are going to study with music, it’s recommended that you choose something without lyrics. Say you’re trying to right an important assignment and you’re also listening to lyrics, your brain might start to get a bit confused between the two. It’s also recommended that you choose something slow. Anything too fast might throw your brain off. But, ultimately, it’s about doing what’s best for you. 

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