Easter Eggs Under £6 (Or One London Pint)
Easter Eggs on brown nest
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Easter Eggs Under £6 (Or One London Pint)

Emma Booth April 2, 2022

Easter! The season of Christian redemption, lambs and mass consumption of chocolate. 

Easter has a similar appeal to Christmas when you’re young. School on Monday morning becomes the ‘who got the most eggs’ competition and the next few weeks make the word ‘chocolate’ seem repulsive for months to come.

There’s no need to miss out on the chocolate-y Easter fun just because you’re a student. I’ve selected the best Easter eggs on the market, a range to suit all tastes, for £6 and under. Let the binging commence!

Classic – Cadbury’s Giant Egg £5

Nothing can go wrong with a Cadbury’s egg, particularly when it’s giant. If you’re on a budget, looking for size and want something easy, just go for a Cadbury’s egg. The pound to chocolate ratio is great so it’s bound to be a winner. It can be found in all major supermarkets including Sainburys, Tescos, Morrisons and Asda.

Unique – M&S Wilma the Chocolate Sausage Dog – £5

Who doesn’t love a dachshund? Long body, short legs, floppy ears. I’d argue the only thing better than a real one is a chocolate one, which also serves as slightly more economical. Find this chocolate sausage dog for £5 in M&S and Ocado.

Vegan & Allergy Free –  £6 Nomo 

Everyone’s got a friend or family member who has dietary requirements, allergies or intolerances. In the olden days they’d be left out on the mountains to be picked at by eagles. Luckily in 2022 living with allergies is easier and there’s great options, which often given ‘normal’ chocolate a run for its money. This £6 egg from NOMO is my favourite. 

Posh – Tony’s Chocolonely Egg-Stra Special Chocolate Eggs x12 – £3

Want to impress but don’t have a huge budget? Tony’s Chocolonely Egg-Stra Special Chocolate Eggs are the way to go. Not only does the name sounds like something straight out of Made in Chelsea, Tony’s Chocolonely has won several awards for sustainability – perfect if you’re looking for posh chocolate to boast about. They can be found online here

Budget – Dairy Milk Buttons Medium Easter Egg £1

Broke? Really broke? An egg for £1 is pretty good. Although it might not feed four, everyone knows Easter eggs are meant to be eaten in one go anyway; Easter is simply not the season for self restraint. Similar to its parent egg – Cadbury’s Giant – these smaller, savvy eggs can be found at all major supermarkets. 

Cute – Waitrose Sunny Side Sam Easter Egg – £5

Whilst Waitrose doesn’t exactly have a ‘budget friendly’ reputation, this £5 ‘Sunny Side Sam’ egg is adorable. If you’ve got younger siblings or an existing Jelly Cat obsession (thank you TikTok) I’d suggest spending your hard earned pennies on this heartthrob. It can be found online or in store at Waitrose

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