Empowering Instagram Accounts You Should Follow
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Empowering Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

Molly Raby May 1, 2022

Your Insta feed should be filled with accounts that make you feel happy and strong. If you don’t come away from a scrolling session feeling upbeat, then maybe check out some tips on how to cleanse your feed. If you are looking for some empowering Instagram accounts, created by people that look, sound and have experienced similar things to you, then search no further. Here are a handful of accounts that are already changing people’s lives.

Quotes By Christie

This account is run by an amazing graphic designer who creates aesthetic prints. The prints are filled with empowering and thoughtful quotes. Whether you take a second to read them as they appear on your feed, or scroll through the account for 20 minutes, these little quotes can be the small serotonin boost you need. There are even phone wallpapers that you can screenshot and use yourself. So you get a little pep talk every time you open your phone.


Shira Rose is an eating disorder therapist, helping people through the same things she faced herself. Rose has garnered a strong 92,000 instagram followers. She aims to destigmatise eating disorders and fatness. Creating a safe and welcoming space for anyone and everyone.


GirlGaze is a worldwide network of female and non-binary creatives. They aim to close the gender gap in many industries that are typically male-dominated. Their Instagram account is kitted out with thousands of untold stories and puts outstanding works of art on show. They also frequently put out calls for content creators to work with them, or applications to be on the team. So, keep your eyes peeled!

We The Urban

According to their Instagram bio, they are ‘black-owned, celebrating inclusivity, self-love and marginalised voices.’ We The Urban create posts such as ‘nine things you need to hear today’, or ‘nine things you are not responsible for’. They are always incredibly poignant and relatable. You have probably already seen one of their posts on your friends story. With a substantial 4.7 million followers, they must be doing something right.


Michelle Elman is an award winning body positive activist and author. Due to a variety of health issues, one being a brain tumour, Elman had had 15 surgeries by the time she was 20-years-old. In her memoir, ‘Am I ugly? One Woman’s Journey To Body Positivity‘ she details the relationship she has with her scars and how she has come to embrace them. Elman now promotes living life to the fullest to her 201,000 followers.

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