Essential Travel Items No One Tells You About
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Essential Travel Items No One Tells You About

Cicely McFarlane January 28, 2023

If you are about to embark on an exciting time of travel, you may be at a stage where you need to think about packing. There are the usual things everyone tells you about. But there are also essential travel items that are rarely spoken about. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

Packing can be a challenge if you, like me, like to have options. If you have opted for a holiday, then of course taking options for a couple of weeks away is doable.

However, if you have been more adventurous and have planned to travel around a completely new place, then having the bare minimum, so you don’t have to carry your whole wardrobe around with you, is hugely important.

I have recently travelled to Australia and am going up the gold coast, which means I am living out of a rucksack.

Below are my absolute best things to pack and why, what you should sacrifice, and how to make packing that bit less stressful.

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Invest in Packing Cubes!

I was slightly unsure about this until the day I decided to start packing, but they are now definitely now an essential travel item.

These are little zip bags so you can separate your clothing from one big bundle, into organised areas.

This was without a doubt a lifesaver for me. Now I have a huge rucksack, I can simply get out the cube with all my tops in, for example, and find what I need, instead of the stress of emptying everything.

This also comes with bags for toiletries that are waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about anything leaking and ruining all your clothes.

Sacrifice your shoes!

Shoes are, too often, are bulky and heavy. Although you may wish you had your favourite pair of heels, simple wearing your heaviest trainer, and then investing in some cheap sliders of crocs, is a far better option.

You can always buy more once you are at your destination. But packing too much will make your trip painful when your back aches and you’re trying to squeeze in those pesky slippers.

Buy Toiletries There

Grabbing your toiletries at your destination will not only save you any airport hassle, it will also make your bag lighter.

If you are in a hot climate, then buying the bug spray and sun cream they sell out there will serve you better, as it is far more equipped then the one you may get back home.

For anyone who is travelling, I wish you the best and safest time and enjoy!

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