Everyone Has These University Flatmates In First Year
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Everyone Has These University Flatmates In First Year

Vicky Wilson July 29, 2022

Living in university halls in first year is an exciting and character-building experience. I lived with a diverse collection of personalities; we would likely never had been friends in the ‘real world’ but we connected well as flatmates. While most flats assimilate well, there are always a few standout characters in every flat.

1. The mum of the flat

Usually the one to coordinate the cleaning and check in on everybody, Most flats are blessed with a group ‘mum’ figure. If you are living with somebody like this make sure they don’t end up doing all the work and try not to get too annoyed if they lecture you about your piles of dirty pots.

2. The night owl

Many students have one nocturnal flatmate whose bedroom door is always shut. Sometimes as you are making breakfast before your 9am lecture, you will see them trotting off to bed.

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3. The secret tory

Having right wing views at university is controversial but definitely more common than it first appears. Living with flatmates from all walks of life will definitely spark some heated political debates.

4. The one who found themselves on a gap year

You will likely hear an endless stream of stories from the flatmate who went travelling during their gap year and ‘found themselves’.

5. The medic

When the medic or dentist of your flat returns from a long eight hour day on campus, if you are an arts or humanities student you will likely appreciate your course a little more.

6. The workaholic

In university halls there is usually one flat mate with enviable work ethic and self discipline. Whether they are up at 5am ready to go to the library, or they stay up late working a part time job, hopefully their enthusiasm will inspire you.

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