As you study for three or four years at University, you will not be able to remember all of the great times and nights that you had.

So much happens, in such a small amount of time, that collecting little trinkets and memories of some of your favourite day trips, special events, and most enjoyable nights out, becomes a great way to have a box full of things that will then jog a funny memory or allow you to remember a night out.

This is why having a memory box is a great idea for those currently studying.

What to include

Things that you can include in it may be the cork from your prosecco bottle from your first birthday away from home. A cinema ticket from a film that you wanted to see, or even a beer mat or cap from pub golf or one of your favourite nights out.

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Photo by freestocks on Reminisce in the future

This will, without a doubt, make you feel better as you then can reminisce on what everyone says were ‘the best days of your life.

School and University are times in your life that feel like they are lasting forever, but simultaneously will fly by!

That is why picking up little things that you know will make you think of a great memory, or a specific friend, will be a great thing to have in the future and to keep rustling through (or even adding to) in the future.

This is easier than keeping a diary of funny memories and can be completely individual to yourself.