Fans Lose It Over Umbrella Academy Footloose Dance-Off

The Umbrella Academy is back for season 3 and fans are already losing it over one scene in particular – the ‘Footloose’ dance-off.

The highly-anticipated series finally dropped on Netflix yesterday, June 22, and already fans can’t get enough after of the Hargreeves children as they return from their second stint saving the world from the apocalypse.

WARNING: contains spoilers from The Umbrella Academy season 3

Umbrella Academy Footloose dance-off

The six Hargreeves land back in 2019, after saving the world in1963, and come face-to-face with the ‘Sparrow Academy’ seven ‘kids’ at the end of season 2, which is where season 3 picks up.

The Umbrella super-children explain that the academy is their home, of course, the Sparrow kids disagree as it’s explained after Sir Reginald Hargreeves met his kids in Dallas in 63 he decided he was so ‘disappointed’ by them he would simply go an adopt new ‘better’ kids instead.

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Things get heated between the 13 of them – except for Klaus who is just happy to see Ben alive again.

One of the Sparrow seven, Jayme (No. 6), spits at Diego just before the two sets of super-siblings decide they must face off against each other. However, Marcus the Sparrow No. 1 and Luther decide the best way to do this is a dance-off.

This is when the first chords of Kenny Loggins’ ‘Footloose’ can be heard and the whole family – besides Hargreeve senior – dance to the iconic 80s song featured at the end of the 1984 Kevin Bacon movie.

However, it all turns out this dance isn’t happening in reality, but actually all in Diego’s mind, as it seems whatever Jayme spat at him caused him to hallucinate.

Fans lose it over Footloose dance-off

Regardless, of whether the dance-off was real in the context of the show’s storyline the whole cast definitely did do a fully choreographed dance sequence and fans are losing it after seeing it. Many people said the whole thing was the ‘best scene’ while others said it really ‘captured the essence’ of the show.

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