Warning: This article will contain spoilers for the first three instalments of the Fantastic Beasts movies.

After a long five years, the new Fantastic Beasts movie has finally hit the screens. It released April 8 in the UK and fans could not be more excited.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald left us all on the edge of our seats. An original release date of November 2020, this was pushed back due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For five years we pondered all the unanswered questions in the movie.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Because it’s been five years since we have seen the wizarding world on our screens, here is a little reminder as to how the second movie went.

The movie starts with the escape of Gellert Grindewald upon his transfer to Europe to stand trial. The movie then follows Newt Scamander, Tina Goldstein, Jacob Kowalski and Queenie Goldstein as they try to track down Credence upon request from Dumbledore. He believes that Credence is Leta’s long-lost half-brother, Corvus Lestrange V.

The movie then finds the group at a rally for the supporters of Grindewald. There Grindelwald manipulates Queenie to join his rank. Leta Lestrange, his classmate from school and the fiancée of his brother Theseus, sacrifices herself while the others fight.

Grindelwald escapes but not before Newt steals the vial containing the blood pact that Grindelwald and Dumbledore made as younger men. This prevents them dueling each other, therefore killing one another. Grindelwald tells Credence that he is a long-lost Dumbledore by the name of Aurelius Dumbledore.

This is only a short summary, there is a lot more that happens! The movie follows the group from New York to London to Paris, showing us all the wonders of the wizarding world.

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore

The movie ended on such a cliffhanger. A new Dumbledore? How does this make any sense? The Secrets of Dumbledore answers all those questions. The new action-packed movie returns the wonder of magic to the big screen.


The cast stays relatively the same. Eddie Redmayne returns as the loveable Newt Scamander, the magizoologist. Jude Law returns as Albus Dumbldore, Ezra Miller as Credence Barebone/Aurelius Dumbledore who’s identity is still unclear. Dan Fogler as Jacob Kowalski a muggle/no maj and good friend to Newt. Callum Turner as Theseus Scamander, Alison Sudol as Queenie Goldstein and Katherine Waterston as Porpentina “Tina” Goldstein.

While much of the original cast returned for the third instalment of the series, it is Johny Depp who we did not see return as the infamous Gellert Grindelwald. Indeed he was replaced by Danish actor, Mads Mikkelsen. Joining the fight is professor Eulalia ‘Lally’ Hicks. This professor at Ilvermory is a talented magician.


As a Wizarding World fan it felt good to go back to the world we know and love. And this time we got to discover more of it. The movie sees Dumbledore recruit Newt, his brother Theseus, muggle Jacob Kowalski, professor Lally Hicks, and Senegalese-French wizard Yusuf Kama. Dumbledore puts the fate of the wizarding world in their hands as we are reminded that Dumbledore cannot fight Grindelwald and vice versa.

While the previous movie took us to Paris, this time we see the group infiltrate the German ministry of magic. The year is 1930 and the International Federation of Wizards is preparing to choose a new leader. And Gellert Grindelwald is standing in those elections.

The answer we all wanted

While the group works to prevent a murder at a state dinner, Dumbledore fights Credence, who is looking for answers. During a moment of weakness, Credence falls and Dumbledore reveals everything. It turns out that Grindelwald lied to him. He is a Dumbledore but he is the illegitimate son of his brother Aberforth.

Yes the answers we had all been waiting for. We finally learn that Aberforth had a forbidden relationship years prior and Aurelius had been the result. Defeated by Dumbledore, Credence/Aurelius, goes back to Grindelwald. Ezra Miller’s performance speaks for itself. While his character does not have a lot of dialogue, Miller’s facial expressions make the character who he is. He is barely recognisable with black hair falling to his shoulders. All that put together makes you wonder if Credence isn’t actually the villain.

After the events in Berlin, the group reconvenes in Bhutan for the election of the Supreme Head of the International Federation of Wizards. Once again the sets were wonderfully done. You could really see yourself in the beautiful country of Bhutan. Surrounded by those mountains made the backdrop for the last couple of scenes in the movie even more exciting.

The new Supreme Head is to be elected by the tradition of being found worthy by a qilin. A magical creature that Newt saves at the start of the movie. The qilin who bows to those pure of heart. Grindelwald manipulates the election and soon declares war on the muggle as he has always wanted. However, Newt exposes him with another qilin he had rescued.

Out of anger Grindelwald attempts to kill Credence/Aurelius, is protected by Aberforth and Dumbledore. Fighting ensues but it is pointless as the two cannot kill each other. However, it breaks the blood pact they had made and Grindewald escapes.

More movies to come?

At this stage, it’s important to remember that there are two more Fantastic Beasts movies in production. The way the movie ends, it could not happen any other way. Eddie Redmayne is set to reprise his role in the next two movies.

This movie was definitely worth the five year wait. Along with the cinematography, the cast was in fine form. There is no doubt that Mads Mikkelsen was the perfect replacement as Gellert Grindelwald. He really suits the villain role. One thing that was missing was Tina Goldstein.

As it is revealed in the start of the movie, Tina was made the head of the American auror office and is therefore very busy. However, we do see her reunite with Newt as she attends Queenie and Jacob’s wedding. It would have been nice to see her a little earlier, however it is not a bad thing that the main character is not distracted by a love interest.

In the meantime we can’t to see what else the wizarding world has in store for us. This was a very good movie and hopefully we won’t five years to see the rest of the saga.