What To Do If You've Finished Uni For The Summer Before Your Mates
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What To Do If You've Finished Uni For The Summer Before Your Mates

Danny Munro May 1, 2022

Finished uni for summer already while all your friends are still revising? Not sure what to do with yourself? Fear not! Here’s a list of ways to occupy yourself without feeling guilty while all your friends are hard at work.

Firstly, don’t stress!

Annoyingly, not all university courses finish at the same time. Some don’t even have exams! So naturally this means that, in most uni friend groups, people finish for summer at different times.

If this applies to you, don’t feel guilty. All uni courses are hard. Just because you’ve finished up for the year and your mate(s) haven’t, doesn’t mean your degree course is any less difficult than theirs.

You’ve undoubtedly still worked hard all year!

You’ve finished uni, time to work on that to-do list this summer

Hiding deep in your notes app, perhaps covered in cobwebs, is a to-do list. We’ve all got one! Well, what better time than now to dust it off.

Maybe you need to clear out your camera roll to free up some phone storage. Perhaps you need to go on a mass unfollowing spree to sort out your Insta feed.

Whatever it is, I can guarantee the thought of the task is always worse than the execution.

Use your freedom from uni to get on the summer job hunt

If your to-do list has an ‘update CV section’, there’s a good chance you’re on the job hunt this summer.

Summer breaks between uni terms are notoriously long and, if you’re like me, you might find yourself with five months of free time.

Everyone knows the sense of dread that comes with what feels like endless hours of applications on Indeed. But, with more and more businesses opening up after the COVID restrictions, you may find something that’s just right for you.

Plus, you’ll be the one laughing when you can afford every night out at freshers this September!

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Get a headstart on planning your summer

While your friends’ heads are buried in the textbooks, take the chance to get organised for all your summer plans.

Anyone who’s left school will know that, as you get older, it becomes increasingly hard to get all your mates in one place. If your uni group want to go abroad or maybe try out some festivals this summer, start searching asap!

The sooner you start holiday hunting, the cheaper it’ll be, and the more likely you’ll get the exact type of trip you’re after!

Do some volunteering

If you work part-time during term time, you may find yourself with a uni-shaped hole time-wise now you’ve finished for summer. And if you’ve ever thought about volunteering, now could be your time.

You may have to look around a bit but, given the UK’s strong charity shop culture, there are opportunities to give back everywhere. Not only will volunteering occupy some spare time, it could also provide a chance to make some meaningful changes!

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