Five Books That TikTok Has Us Reading
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Five Books That TikTok Has Us Reading

Molly Raby May 15, 2022

Obviously, books have been around longer than TikTok. However, with this app on the rise, bookworms from all around the world have created their own book club and now everyone is reading their recommendations.

The hashtag #booktok has a ridiculous 52.6 billion views. Just let that number sink in. Billion?! So, it’s clear that even with the rise of social media, the old age pastime of reading an actual book is still present. But, if you have somehow avoided BookTok, by some weird trick of fate, here are five of the most popular recommendations from the bookworms of social media.

The Song of Achilles

Set in the Greek Heroic Age, this adaptation of Homer’s Iliad is told from Patroclus’ perspective. The book follows Patroclus and he forms a relationship with Achilles. From their first meeting to the Trojan War, this novel highlights the two’s romantic relationship. The book was released in 2011, but gained a large following after it found fame on BookTok.

The Song Of Achilles has a strong 4.40 star rating on GoodReads.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

This 2017 historic novel follows fictional Evelyn Hugo, an Old Hollywood Star, who gives her final interview at age 79 to unknown journalist, Monique Grant. Grant is trying to make a name for herself so jumps at the chance to interview this starlet about her fame, love and scandals.

This wildly popular novel receives a 4.48 star rating on GoodReads.

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

Written by V. E. Schwab, this heartbreaking fantasy novel follows a young French woman in 1714. She makes a bargain with the devil in order to make her immortal, but in turn, she is cursed and everyone she ever meets forgets her. This book also has a nod to queer love. Whilst the main romance is between a man and a woman, both characters have had relationships with the same sex.

This fantasy novel has garnered a 4.23 star rating on GoodReads.


Heartstopper is a heartwarming tale of two high school boys becoming friends and then falling for each other. This graphic novel currently has four volumes and was made into a Netflix series in 2022. This book series by Alice Oseman has a fierce fandom of readers. Volume one of

Heartstopper currently has a GoodReads rating of 4.54 stars.


I can’t wait to start reading heartstopper again this year 💕✨ #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #books #heartstopper #aliceoseman #aliceosemanverse

♬ fourth of july – rhiannon !!!

They Both Die at the End

In this eerily realistic dystopian novel, people are notified on the death day. We follow two young teenage boys, Mateo and Rufus, who find each other and spend their last day trying to do as much as they can before their time is up. Some people seem to be shocked by the end of this novel, however, it is literally the title of the book…

They Both Die at the End has a rating of 3.90 stars on GoodReads.

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