Five Singers That Were Discovered Through TikTok
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Five Singers That Were Discovered Through TikTok

Molly Raby April 23, 2022

TikTok is now the place to be for anyone wanting to showcase their talents to the world. Singers, magicians, dancers, comedians and even people throwing ping-pong balls into toilet rolls tubes; everyone gets their moment to shine. For a handful of people, TikTok has truly changed their lives and been the springboard to a strong career in music. Here are some of the best singers discovered through TikTok.

Isabel Pless

During the pandemic, Pless was one of the millions of students who had to take to online classes. During this time she started posting videos of herself singing on TikTok. In an interview with The Wellesley News she stated, ‘[Music] was a way to process my emotions and to bring out a different creative aspect of myself that I wasn’t using during school.’

Her videos gained her a substantial following, with over 85,000 followers on TikTok and most videos garnering 400,000 views. On Spotify, Pless amazingly has around 45,000 monthly listeners.

Her single ‘Call My Own’ was released in 2022. However, her biggest song is still ‘Bechdel Test’, with 816,000 streams on Spotify.


i wrote this song 1 year ago :’) thanks for listening & letting it have a place in ur lives #originalsong #songwriter #fyp #songwriting #music

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Loren Gray

Gray was first discovered on, which, for anyone under the age of 18, was basically TikTok before TikTok was a thing. She is one of the most followed people on TikTok with more than 50 million followers.

In March 2018 she was signed by Virgin Records and released her debut single ‘My Story’. She released her third single ‘Queen’ in December 2018. The accompanying video to this single recieved more than 18 million views on YouTube.


idk why I make such horrendous faces and hand gestures when I sing but I like this trend

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Sam Ryder

Posting covers on TikTok, Ryder’s powerhouse voice launched him into TikTok fame. He was one of the top people on everyone’s FYP during the pandemic, getting over 100 million likes and 12 million followers. Ryder also managed to attract the attention of big league sensations such as Coldplay, Sia and Justin Beiber.

He released his debut EP ‘The Sun’s Gonna Rise’ in 2021, which easily surpassed 100 million streams.

Along with his online success, Ryder has taken another step up and is now set to represent Britain in the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest. He will be performing the song ‘Space Man’.

Jeven Reliford

At only 19, this American influencer made waves on almost all social media media platforms. He began posting TikTok videos of himself creating beats and singing, gaining him a following of 3.5 million followers. He also has a very respectable 310,000 followers on Instagram.

It was Reliford’s video in September 2019 where he sang Post Malone’s ‘Goodbye’ that initally brought attention to him.

He released an EP in 2020, entitled ‘Butterflies’.

Peach PRC

Shaylee Curnow, popularly known as Peach PRC, is an Australian pop princess. She independently released her first single ‘Blondes’ in July 2019, which went viral, currently with 9.7 million streams on Spotify. On TikTok, Peach PRC has accumulated almost 2 million followers.

Peach PRC released her firt major label single ‘Josh’ in February 2021 after signing with Island (Australia) and Republic (United States).


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♬ original sound – Peach PRC

These are some of the best singers discovered through TikTok and we can’t wait to see who the next big star is to break through.

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