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FLO Release Jaw-Dropping New Single Not My Job

Michael Rodrigues De Jesus September 22, 2022

Once again FLO are asserting their stardom. While it may not be their job to make you feel like the man, it certainly is their job to make bangers and they are great at it.  Now they have released new single Not My Job.

Is History Repeating Itself?

Ever since FLO stepped out into the music scene, they have been a hot topic. We’re all obsessed with their effortless vocals, infectious tunes and trendy style. The world hasn’t had an R&B girl group to fan-girl over for a very long time and we finally have one! 

Many online are comparing FLO to Destiny’s Child, who are undeniably the most iconic R&B girl group of all time. Are we seeing the rise of the next R&B trailblazers? 

Well for starters, FLO are receiving a lot of attention lately. On September 21, the release day of Not My Job, FLO were announced as Apple Music’s latest UpNext artist. UpNext is a monthly program by Apple Music which aims to shine a spotlight on rising talent. On top of that, FLO are also featured on the cover of official Spotify playlists such as Riffs and Runs – an R&B playlist showcasing the best of “beautifully chilled vocals”. 

Besides the support from music streaming services, FLO have an incredible fanbase of “Flolifers” and are even followed on social media by other amazing R&B artists including SZA! 

Not My Job

We all knew Not My Job would be a hit before it was even released. Last Week FLO shared a snippet of the track which sent the internet into a frenzy. Their stunning harmonies dazzled us all and we just couldn’t wait until release day.

Release day came on September 21 at 5pm and what a great evening it was. Not My Job channels the same baddie energy that other FLO tracks such as Cardboard Box and Immature channel. The difference is the attitude that this new track carries. FLO didn’t come to mess around. Whoever inspired this song was definitely put in their place by the girls. As they say: “Party’s up when I say so… Boy there’s the door”. 

Not My Job is reminiscent of early 2000s R&B and gives off a similar energy to that of The Cheetah Girls. My favourite thing about FLO is that they are able to bring about an element of nostalgia while still sounding new. I truly believe they will make a huge breakthrough into the mainstream music scene soon and, when they do, we’ll all be celebrating. 

Aside from the track itself, its cover art was also a hot topic of conversation. When teasing the track, FLO released a silhouette version of the cover art leaving fans to figure out who was behind each one. 

The cover art features FLO in fierce poses which perfectly captures the energy of the track. Now we know they can model, is there anything FLO can’t do? 

I Couldn’t Love Them Anymore If I Tried

While writing this article I took to Twitter to share that I was writing about FLO’s latest single and showed my love for the song. I wasn’t expected FLO to see my tweet, let alone reply to it! I couldn’t contain my excitement and let out a scream in true fan girl fashion. 

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