From BTS To Taylor Swift: The Best Celebrity Wordle-Style Games Play
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From BTS To Taylor Swift: The Best Celebrity Wordle-Style Games To Play

Caitlin Hamill May 3, 2022

Since Wordle took the globe by storm, many varieties of the game have sprung up. From a BTS game to a Taylor Swift version, here are the best celebrity Wordle/Heardle-style games to play.

The original Wordle game centres around a user guessing a five-letter word, then along came Heardle which is a daily challenge game, where players must correctly guess the title and artist of a song from a one second clip. Players can skip a second to hear more of the track. 

After the original game took over the internet, stans started to get creative. Fans took to the internet to make their own versions of the game, which featured only songs by their favourite artists.

Here is a list of different artists who have had their own Heardle dedicated to them.

Taylor Swift

The 32-year-old singer-songwriter has had Swiftle and Taylor Swift Heardle created in her honour and Swifties are loving it. Previous answers have included ‘Death By A Thousand Cuts’, ‘Cornelia Street’ and ‘Fearless’. 


The Muse Heardle has been recognised by the band, and features everything from hit singles and B-sides. 

Doja Cat

Stans of the rapper have created a Heardle in her honour, which includes hits such as ‘Need To Know’. Fans will have fun trying to figure this one out daily.

5 Seconds Of Summer

5SOS fans are loving this version of Heardle, which updates every 24 hours. It includes B-sides, rarities and their hit singles such as ‘Wildflower’ and ‘She Looks So Perfect’. 

Harry Styles

How could Harry Styles not get his own Heardle? The game features songs from all three of his albums, soon to be four. The game recently featured ‘As It Was’. It does not, however, feature any songs from his One Direction days.

One Direction

Speaking of One Direction, they too have a Heardle in their honour. It includes songs such as ‘Story Of My Life’. Die-hard fans will be able to figure this one out in milliseconds. 

LouisNiall and Zayn also have Heardles. 


The Paramore Heardle contains songs from the bands five albums, as well as singles and B-sides. Fans will be quick to figure this one out. 


Waterparks were slightly confused to the existence of their Heardle when it trended on Twitter. 


Everybody’s favourite KPOP group have a Heardle too. For the first guess, players have to make their guess based on the lyrics translated on the screen. If their guess if incorrect, the song snippet is then revealed. Fans play daily to collect cards, which some users share to Twitter.

Fun Heardles

As well as the artist Heardles, fans have gone out of their way to create some quirky and fun versions of the game. 

A Mario Kart Heardle exists, where players must guess the Mario Kart song. Hard, right?

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A Eurovision Song Contest Heardle also exists, where players must guess the Eurovision song title and artist. The creator used all entries since 1966. This would seem impossible for most people, but one Reddit user in the Eurovision Fan Site described it as ‘too easy for most of us’. 

Which version of Heardle is your favourite?

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