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Fun Alternative Date Ideas For Students

Molly Raby March 27, 2023

Whether you’re trying to organise a date for you and your partner or figure out where to go on a first date, it can be hard to steer away from the basic tropes. Of course, you can just go to dinner or the cinema, but sometimes you want that extra something. So, here are a selection of fun alternative date ideas for students to enjoy when just going out to dinner doesn’t cut it anymore.

Plan A Day Trip

Staying close to home can sometimes make you feel as though you haven’t even been out, so why not plan a trip further afield. You don’t have to get a plan or anything, but if you can afford a train journey or drive somewhere, why not go and explore somewhere new?

You can plan a day at a neighbouring city or village and see where the day takes you. Maybe you can visit a beach or a museum that isn’t in your hometown or city instead.

Just getting out of your normal routine of places can give you a newfound spark or excitement.

Comedy Show

Everyone likes to laugh. So, going to a comedy club can be a great way to break the ice or get a conversation started. At a comedy show, you are surrounded by other like-minded people, so if you are on a first date, it can be less daunting. You will also be able to gage their humour by seeing what they laugh at and what they don’t.

If you are already in a couple, going to a comedy show can just be a great excuse to have a few drinks and get out of the mundanity of going to the same place for dinner.

Just be sure to sit near the back if you don’t want to get picked on.

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Escape Room

Being stuck in a room with someone you don’t know for a first date could sound like hell to you, but what if you were forced to work together to try and complete a task? You have to use both of your strengths to help the unit, which will be a great test of character.

You can also bring a new spark to a relationship, seeing how well you work together in slightly more stressful situations. Escape rooms bring out the best and worst of us, which is perfect for a date scenario. Given their prevalence in recent years, escape rooms really are the quintessential fun alternative dates for students.


Classes are a great way to share something new with your partner or new date. You can learn a new skill together and spend quality time together in calming company.

Whether its cooking, cocktail making, baking or you really want to go all ‘Ghost’ and learn pottery, doing a class is another great way to be intimate with your partner in a way that you may never have thought before.

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