Don’t Fancy Travelling? The Alternative Benefits Of A Gap Year Before Uni
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Don’t Fancy Travelling? The Alternative Benefits Of A Gap Year Before Uni

Danny Munro April 28, 2022

‘Gap years’ between school and university have long been synonymous with expensive foreign getaways, interrailing and ‘finding yourself’. However, travelling doesn’t have to be the be-all and end-all when it comes to gap years before uni.

If you’re considering taking a gap year, but aren’t too fussy about travelling, here’s a list of alternative benefits to taking a year out.

Use your gap year before uni to gain some experience of working life

It doesn’t have to be related to what you want to do for the rest of your life. But getting yourself a job, part-time or full-time, can be a great idea in the midst of a gap year.

Aside from the obvious benefit of earning your own money, a first job is invaluable in terms of life skills.

Working as part of a team will expose you to a wide range of characters you may never have met – something that will naturally increase your confidence.

And spending your gap year working will look great on CVs and UCAS applications!

Work out what exactly you want to study at uni on your gap year

Once upon a time, during my final year at school, I wanted to study Business Management. However, during my gap year, I realised that wasn’t what I wanted.

Now, as I finish up my second year as a Politics and Journalism student, I couldn’t be happier.

For many, the process of having to pick your degree while in school is a daunting one which comes far too soon.

A year out will provide at least a few extra months to think about exactly what to apply for and will help you avoid moving away and starting the wrong degree.

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Use your gap year to reclaim time lost to COVID before moving to uni

As anyone will know, COVID-19 has been the ultimate time waster. For many people leaving school today, two key years of socialising have been substituted for staying at home.

Perhaps if you feel like being cooped up for the past couple of years has made you a bit socially anxious, then taking some time out to get back to socialising at your own pace before moving to uni could be a great option. After all, uni can be a massive shock to the system in terms of socialising.

Get yourself a new qualification

If you want to diversify your skills, or simply learn something new before your degree, a gap year is perfect.

From barbering to broadcasting, many colleges right across the U.K. offer a wide range of one-year courses. Why not try your hand at something out of the box before committing to your degree?

Set yourself an exciting new goal

Ever dreamt of running a marathon, starting a new instrument or even just learning to bake? What better time than on a gap year!

Realistically, a full year of your life where you can fully decide what you want to do may be hard to come by after university. So why not use your time to get better at or learn something completely new?

You never know, you may find skills you never knew you had!

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