Gifts To Give Your Friends Who Are Leaving University
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Gifts To Give Your Friends Who Are Leaving University

Jasmine Sandhar July 13, 2022

Whether you are saying goodbye to a friend who is graduating or going on a study year abroad, it is always nice to give them a going-away present as they leave university and embark on their new adventure. A parting gift can be difficult to decide on, so I have listed a few ideas below that may come in use alongside a card and some flowers or chocolates.


In my humble opinion, the more personalised a gift is, the better. Nothing is quite as personalised as a book containing a timeline of the core memories from your friendship with someone. It also does not matter if you are not a very artsy person, because you can get pre-made scrapbooks now online that require you to just upload your pictures and a bit of text. However, the process of creating the scrapbook by hand is also a major part of the personalisation aspect and is a good bit of fun, too.


It may seem pointless to write a letter alongside a card, but there’s only so much you can fit onto two sides of A5. Plus there is something special about posting off a surprise for your friend to receive unexpectedly. A goodbye letter is a great way to reflect on the history of your relationship with the addressee and can be quite cathartic in terms of getting out all of your feelings onto the page. In fact, I would recommend having some tissues at the ready to blot away any tears that may fall during the writing process.

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This one probably sounds weird at first, but hear me out. A lot of the memories we have with people are connected to places, especially in the bubble of university life, so why not create a way to remember these more vividly? All you have to do is a print a map off of your local student area and then get some stickers to pinpoint your favourite locations, whether it is the place you first met each other or the supermarket you did your weekly food shops together in.


Although this is not the most original idea, it is definitely a safe option and has the potential to be something that your friend will truly treasure. Matching sets are always a nice idea, so that you and your friend can wear the same bracelets or necklaces as a memory of each other. One of the best things about jewelry is that you can choose to splurge and go to a more expensive store or keep it relatively reasonable at somewhere cheaper. You can even handmake your own pieces with some beads and elastic.

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