Girls Trip Essentials: What to Pack on Your Bestie-cation
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Girls' Trip Essentials: What to Pack on Your Bestie-cation

Ella Kipling July 17, 2022

Have you found yourself in disbelief as your girls’ trip has made its way out of the group chat stage and become a reality? After two years of a pandemic, the thought of getting on a plane with your best friends and jetting off to somewhere sunny for a week of swimming, sightseeing, and sunbathing is just too exciting.

But what do you need to pack? And what happens if you forget something important? Check out our list of girls’ trip packing essentials you may not have realised you need…

Playing Cards

There’s nothing better than playing cards on the balcony with your friends or challenging each other to a game of Uno by the pool. Cards can be played in a big group (Go Fish is a great one) or even just with two or three people.

Toiletries to Share

If you are going on holiday with a group of your girlfriends, chances are you are all planning on packing a ton of toiletries from moisturisers, hair products, toothpaste, sunscreen, after-sun, and body sprays. It is best to coordinate in advance to maximise space in your suitcases, and stop you all spending a lot of money on products you could easily share.

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Disposable Camera

Disposable cameras are making a comeback (does anyone else remember taking them on school trips back in the 2000s?) and are an adorable way to take holiday pictures with your friends. When you get your pictures developed, you can choose to get them printed or have them sent over digitally, meaning you can distribute them to all your friends easily.

Beach Bag

A beach bag should definitely be something you pack for your trip as there will always be items you and your friends want to take to the beach or the pool. You don’t want to carry sunscreen, books, magazines, sunglasses, drinks and everything else in your arms. Pick up a stylish beach bag to make your life easier this summer.

Personal Safety Alarms

Unfortunately, women face potential danger nearly everywhere they go, so (rather depressingly) a personal safety alarm should be on your girls’ holiday packing list. You can get them online (check Amazon) and they are small enough to add onto your key ring or slip into your pocket.

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