Glam Guide: What to buy to make student living more luxurious
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Glam Guide: What to buy to make student living more luxurious

Emma Booth February 26, 2022

Being a student and living in luxury aren’t generally considered a natural combination. Unless you’re studying in Dubai, student living normally consists of houses run by dodgy landlords, secondhand crusty leather sofas and copious amounts of toast. 

Whilst this might be the norm, do students really have to put up with it? Why live a life dominated by super noodles and overflowing bins when you could just… not. 

Using my newfound graduate edge, I’ve devised a list of items which aim to make typical student life slightly more luxurious.

All the items included should be considerate of a typical student budget, unless you’re intending on bankrupting yourself this weekend. Regardless, there will be no suggestion of buying mid-century art for your living room or a Smeg fridge. Don’t panic. 

Maldon Sea Salt

Yes I’m from Essex, yes I’m obsessed with Maldon Sea Salt. At a mere £2.20 this bad boy can be used three times a day, making it extremely economical. 

The box is nice, it’s a big step up from table salt and will be a moderate flex for any potential love interest that stays over. Need I say more.

A soft fluffy duvet

I advise forcing a family member to get this one although, when your student loan comes through, it’s a good purchase to make. When taking into account that the average student spends approximately 22 hours a day in bed, investing in a good duvet will make those 22 hours slightly more guilt-free. 

I advise this one from John Lewis. It doesn’t have to be goose, just something that isn’t thin and sweaty. 

A warm coat

This recommendation is aimed more at my northern friends. People aren’t messing around when they say it’s colder north of Birmingham. In order to survive the Fallowfield blizzards or Hyde Park frost, do yourself a favour and invest in a good quality coat. 

I’m afraid the days of owning a North Face puffer are gone. Someone had to say it. 

Go vintage, try Uniqlo or visit your local outdoors shop. With Artxyrc now dominating the wardrobe of every straight white male under 25, ‘dad brands’ are officially in, so ride the wave and go quality over anything else.

I recommend this one from Weekday. 

A cafetiere

Although you might live in a flat share that resembles a household bin, buying a cafetière and making pots of coffee every morning will transform this environment into a Parisian wonderland. 

Get rid of your Nescafe granules, you’re moving up in the world.

This one is particularly nice.

A partner/friend/housemate who cooks for you 

While I’m not quite sure that this ‘thing’ can be bought, knowing someone who will cook for you, preferably regularly, is essential to inaugurating luxury into your student lifestyle.

Start hanging out at cookery shops. Swipe right at every chef you come across on Tinder. You must take it upon yourself to find someone, anyone, who will cook for you whenever you’re too hungover to move. 

Do I have this person? Yes. I can assure you that when I’m wrapped up in my soft fluffy duvet and they bring me in a full cafetiere and homemade breakfast (Maldon Sea Salt included), my life feels infinitely more luxurious than it did last year. 

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