'Goat Tier Chocolate': Twitter React As Bounty Leaves Celebration Boxes
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'Goat Tier Chocolate': Twitter React As The Bounty Leaves Celebrations Boxes

Manon Lamy November 5, 2022

If there is one thing that screams British holidays, it’s those red Celebrations tubs. They are the perfect chocolate to share at the office, the perfect gift to give during secret Santas. All in all, they are boxes where everyone can get what they like. Mars, Galaxy, Twix and even the controversial Bounty. Either you love it or you don’t. Given the divisive nature of the chocolate, it’s no surprise that some are unhapp

However, the chocolate manufacturer Mars Wrigley has now announced that they will be trialing the Celebration boxes without the controversial Bounty chocolate. But this seems to have divided the public. People have taken to Twitter to express their discontent (or their happiness) over the news.

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Celebrations Divide Social Media

Here is how some people have reacted on Twitter to the news of Bounty being off the menu in Celebrations boxes.

This person has taken the news really hard. One of the few who live for the Bounty bars. Guess they’ll just have to buy big Bounty bars and put them in a Celebration box. And if it will make them feel better, it’s only a trial run. Maybe they will be back one day.

Ummm, what if this person is right? How many people did Mars Wrigley really poll? How fair is this? Unfortunately, we will never know. We’ve got a large population in the UK of over 60 million, so is this poll truly fair? Hard to tell…

Mars Wrigley are really making enemies over on Twitter. We hope they’ll have good news to tell these Bounty hunters soon because, otherwise, they might show up at the Mars headquarters with pitchforks.

If you are not familiar with the language, GOAT stands for Greatest of All Times. Some might compare the bounty chocolate to that. The greatest. Never have I seen so many people profess their love for a chocolate. Especially the Bounty.

However, this person seems to be loving the idea of Celebrations without the Bounty in them. In all honesty, I had to scroll quite far in order to find someone happy with the idea of the Celebrations without the Bounty. Which makes us wonder: are Bounty really that hated? Is Mars making a big mistake?

Oh this is a controversial opinion! This person is for removing the Mars Bars and not the Bountys. Unfortunately it seems that the Bountys are the ones going. Better luck next time.

And you?

This news is clearly causing an uproar on social media. What will Mars Wrigley do about it? Probably not much, unless this is all a cunning publicity ploy and Bountys come back stronger than ever. For now, it’s fun seeing the reactions on Twitter. Comment and tell us what your opinion is on Celebrations without the Bountys is. Team Bounty or team everything else?

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