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Grants For University Students You Could Be Entitled To

Jasmyne Jeffery April 8, 2023

Money is short for everyone at the moment. Grants for university students can really help ease the pressure, especially knowing you don’t have to pay it back. What you don’t want, is the realisation that you could have got financial help, but you didn’t know it. Avoid that by looking at the grants you could be entitled too.

Even when there’s no cost of living crisis, students aren’t known for having lots of money. Though maintenance loans and tuition fees are available to all, it doesn’t cover everything — especially if you have extra costs out of your control.

The UK government offers several grants and bursaries for students often in more difficult positions than others. If you think that’s you, then we’ve collated them all in one place. Even if you’re not 100 per cent sure if you’re eligible for any, you should apply just in case. Equally, don’t be too proud to ask for help; it’s there for a reason so take it if you can.

What Is A Grant Or Bursary?

University grants are offered by the government and available to students who have specific circumstances or needs that would not be catered to in a maintenance loan. Unlike your tuition fees or maintenance loan, grants do not have to be paid back and therefore do not get interested added.

A bursary works very similarly, but these will be delivered straight through your university. Often you will still need to apply for them but do not need to be paid back. Though it may depend on your personal circumstances, you can also get a bursary because of your course, a partnership with the university or some other reason. Check with your university if any bursaries are available.

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Grants For University Students

Here are the grants that the UK government offers to students.

  • Adults Dependent Grant

This is for those who have an adult financially dependent on them. This cannot be a child and cannot be for anyone under 25 if you’re not married or in a civil partnership.

For the next academic year, this could be up to £3,354, but cannot be claimed if you have a postgraduate loan. Check if you’re eligible here.

  • Childcare Grant

The childcare is for those who have a child who is under 15, or under 17 if they have special educational needs. This is only for full-time students and does depend on your household income and personal circumstances. However, the maximum about the grant can give you is £188.90 for one child, or £323.85 if you have two or more.

Find out more information and if you should apply here.

  • Parents Learning Allowance

Similar to the grant above, this is for parents studying full-time who have children. Though you don’t have to pay this back, it is dependent on your household income. Those eligible could get an extra £1915 a year on top of their student finance which would be paid in three instalments.

Check if you should apply here.

These are all the ones listed on the government website. However, there are other ways to get additional money through scholarships and university bursaries. You should always speak to your university if you believe you’re entitled to some financial help, especially during the cost of living crisis.

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